These miraculous tricks of lemon will drive away the obstacles of life

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If you are financially or mentally troubled, then you should try these easy lemon remedies.

In India, you must have seen lemons and chillies hanging in threads outside many shops and houses. Actually, there is such a belief in Hinduism that lemon and chilli destroy negative forces. Therefore, both of them are hung outside shops and houses in the form of tricks.

By the way, the effect of negative forces harms the life of a person in many other ways. In such a situation, by using lemon, you can overcome the obstacles coming in life. Obviously, lemon is easily available in your home kitchen. You can use lemon by trying the methods mentioned in astrology.

We talked to Bhopal’s astrologer Vinod Soni ji about the easy and miraculous tricks of lemon, he says, ‘Lemon is used in religious work to remove most of the eyesight defects. You can avoid evil eye or negative effects by using lemon in many ways.

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benefits of lemon according to vastu

If you plant a lemon plant outside the house, then according to Vastu, this plant does not allow negative energies to enter the house. Also, if there is any kind of Vastu defect in your house, then that too gets removed.

Eye defects will be removed by lemon

If someone in the family has got eyesight, then with the help of lemon you can take his eyes off. For this, cut the lemon from the middle and then put black sesame in it. Now take a look from this lemon 7 times in a straight sequence and 7 times in reverse order by twisting it from the top of the head. By doing this, the defect of eyesight gets removed soon.

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Nimbu Ka Jadu

trick to make an enemy a friend

If your enemies are dominating you, then you should make a cross mark on a paper 7 times by mixing lemon juice in black ink and then float that paper in running water. Do this every Saturday. This will improve the relationship between your enemy and you.

Lemon trick for good health

If your health is not good, then you should hang a lemon on you 7 times straight and in reverse order and tie it in a thread and hang it in such a corner of the house from where it is not visible to anyone. As the lemon starts drying, the person’s health will improve. When the lemon dries completely, you bury it somewhere in the soil.

lemon trick for success

Even after working hard, if you are not getting success, then you should go to Hanuman temple on Tuesday and also recite Hanuman Chalisa by offering 4 cloves with lemon to Hanuman ji. If you do this, you will find an easy path to success.

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