There is a cut while shaving, so stop bleeding like this

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If you got a cut while shaving, you can stop the bleeding with these simple steps.

In today’s time, not only men, but women also like shaving to get rid of unwanted hair. Actually, it is a quick and painless process and hence women do shaving. But if you are a beginner, then you often get cut in such a situation. When a shaving cut starts bleeding, she often tries to stop the bleeding with a Band-Aid or tissue paper.

Although shaving cuts are minor nicks and the bleeding stops quickly, but sometimes it happens that this bleeding does not stop and in this case you may need medical help. But if you have got a minor cut while shaving, then you do not need to go to the doctor. You can easily stop the bleeding caused by shaving cut with the help of some small measures. So let’s know about these measures-

use ice cubes

This is an easy way to stop bleeding from a shaving cut. To adopt this remedy, just take some ice cubes from your freezer and press them on your shaving cut with little pressure. Not only will this give you relief, but it will also help constrict the blood vessels and stop bleeding quickly.

apply aftershave lotion

You can also apply aftershave lotion if the cut is causing bleeding while shaving. In fact, many aftershave lotions contain alcohol, which acts as an astringent. At the same time, it also helps in constricting the blood vessels. When this happens, the bleeding stops. Not only this, alcohol can help prevent infection. Remember that even a small shaving cut is an open wound, which provides a way for bacteria to enter your body.

use coffee or tea

tea for shaving cut

Coffee or tea can be used to stop bleeding from a shaving cut. Actually, they contain caffeine, which constricts blood vessels and stops bleeding. If you have home-brewed coffee, take a pinch and apply it to your cut and hold it with some pressure. If you want, you can also try cooled tea bags to stop the bleeding.

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apply lip balm

lip balm for shaving cut

Lip balm will also help prevent shaving cuts and bleeding. Actually, when you apply it, it will act as a barrier and stop the blood from flowing. Plus, it will also prevent infection-causing bacteria from invading the wound. You can wipe off the excess balm after some time. However, in the meantime keep in mind that you have to apply it very gently on the skin, as the wound below is still raw and will take some time to heal completely. (Reduce blemishes of face with multani mitti)

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Are eye drops effective?

It may sound strange to you, but eye drops can also be effective in stopping bleeding. In fact, red eye relievers work the same way on the cut. They slow down the bleeding by constricting the blood vessels. Due to which bleeding stops. (Tips to look beautiful on festivals)

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