The Walking Dead fans are weeping in memory of the late Stephen Campbell, who passed away last year.

Who was Stephen F. Campbell?

Stephen F. Campbell was a beloved member of the Walking Dead family and was honored with a title card at the mid-season premiere of Season 11.
According to a Facebook post, he died on November 4, 2021, at the age of 65 at his home in Winter Park, Florida. Campbell was born in West Orange, New Jersey, attended college in Florida and is the father of five children who decided to settle in the Sunshine State. He is a famous cinematographer who has been in the entertainment industry since the 1980s.

According to the family, Campbell was a loving husband, father of five children and a prominent cinematographer. He has five children (Aubrie Canfield, Ian Campbell, Cameron Ilan, Fiona Campbell and Riley Campbell), his wife Pamela and three young grandchildren.

Stephen Campbell, who worked as a camera operator and photo director on The Walking Dead for seven seasons, has died. According to his daughter Aubrie, Campbell died on November 4 at her home in Florida. His credits include The Punisher and Zombieland. The cause of death was not known. The Walking Dead’s original season 10 finale “Something Destiny”, which premiered at AMC in October 2020, was Campbell’s most recent credit as cinematographer. Campbell’s first appearance in a zombie drama was in the 2013 season 4 episode “Fourfold” as a C camera operator.
“For Season 7 of Zombies and Apocalyptic Upheaval, he created genre-defining images for the hit TV show. He was very proud of it. [on The Walking Dead]”, his daughter Aubrie Campbell Canfield confirmed in a Facebook post.

Stephen’s daughter, Aubrie Campbell Canfield, said on Facebook: “Steven was a Florida film director. He learned skills, developed his talents, and built his career working with women and men in the Southern market.”
Campbell got off to a great start as a camera assistant on Michael Jackson’s Thriller World Tour in 1984. He began touring with Jackson again in 1988, and worked on a variety of films and TV shows in Florida over the next 30 years. In 2013, the cameraman moved to Atlanta, GA to work on The Walking Dead, where he spent seven seasons.

He claims to be “very pleased with the work” as part of his responsibilities, including creating “genre-defining visuals.”
After Campbell’s death, several cast and crew members of The Walking Dead paid tribute to him by sharing memories and photos with him.
“Steven Campbell, longtime The Walking Dead’s photo director, was a great person and a great artist, a force of calm, serenity and warmth on set,” said Scott M. Gimple, executive director of The Walking Dead on Twitter.
“It was an honor and a pleasure to work with him.” His work will continue and his generosity will affect the lives of those who know him.”
Current showrunner Angela King wrote on Instagram, “RIP Stephen Campbell. Steve, you were an amazing human being. A kind and stable presence on our #TWD set.
“In seven seasons I have never seen you lose patience. Your smile brightened up our day. We have loved seeing our beautiful family over the years.
“I was really excited to see the move from Camera Op to DP. And even as I climbed, I treasured the time I spent talking about light and color, movement and framing.
“You were an artist. But they are also competent professionals. Thank you for being a role model to prove that you can be both. You left too early, but you left an indelible mark on the hearts of the #TWDfamily. May the flight of angels sing of your rest [sic].”

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