The Town of Monroe, New Jersey Swears To First Native American Police Officer Ritik Bedi

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New Jersey’s Town of Monroe is diversifying its police force. Last week, the police department hired its first Indian-American officer. Ritik Bedi was sworn in on May 17, along with eight new officers, in the first in-person swearing-in ceremony in two years, central reported.

A Monroe native, Bedi is a recent graduate of Cape May Police Academy, where he has been honored with a High Academic Achievement award. She completed her education at Monroe Township High School in 2018. She received her undergraduate degree in finance from The College of New Jersey in 2021.

“It’s truly an honor to work alongside the men and women of this department,” Bedi told News 12 New Jersey. “It’s a blessing and it’s special for me to be the first of Asian-Indian descent and I hope our town residents do too.”

The young officer served as an emergency ward for the Monroe Township Emergency Medical Services throughout his high school and college years. He was a member of the high school’s Mayor’s Youth Advisory Council and oversaw the drunk driving prevention program for high school. He speaks Hindi and Punjabi.

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Bedi told News 12 that he wants to “support positive interactions between law enforcement and the public.” He speaks Hindi and Punjabi. The county has experienced a rapid growth rate in its Indian American population, with an estimated 5,943 (13.6%) as of 2017, which is 23 times more than 256 (0.9%) as of the 2000 Census.

Mayor Stephen Dalina said in a statement that he was proud with Bedi that he “chosen to serve the community in which he was raised”. Adding that Officer Bedi would be an “amazing addition” to the police department, Dalina thanked “the many Asian Indian residents of Monroe who have brought a rich culture, volunteerism and service to our community.”