The speed of these five trains is the fastest in the world

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If it takes less time to travel, then traveling will become more accessible. In such a situation, know about those trains of the world whose speed is very fast.

Have you ever traveled in a train? In such a situation, many times it must have come in your mind, that I wish it would have been better if not much time was wasted in the journey. Although India’s railway network is considered to be the largest, but India’s trains are far behind in terms of speed. Let us tell you that there are many such trains around the world, which travel at high speed while talking to the air. Gives a different experience in these trains.

In today’s article, we will tell you about the fastest trains in the world, which travel more than 200 kilometers in an hour. So what is the delay, let’s know about these trains-

Shanghai Maglev, China-

The world’s fastest train is present in China. The speed of this train is 460 kilometers per hour, so this train can travel up to 26 kilometers in 5 minutes. Let us tell you that this train connects Shanghai’s Pudong Airport with Longyang Station. The special thing about this train is that instead of walking on the track, its wheels remain in the air. This is the main reason for the speed of this train. If you ever get a chance to visit Shanghai, then definitely take this train.

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CR 400, China-

world's fastest train

In comparison to the speed train, China comes at the top. In such a situation, the world’s second fastest train (train related questions) is also in China. The CR 400 Fuxing in China has a top speed of 350 kmph. Let us tell you that this train has been prepared by mixing the special technology of Europe and Japan, it is far ahead in terms of technology. Currently, this train runs only on the Beijing-Shanghai-Hong Kong and Beijing-Harbin routes.

ICE, Germany-

High Speed ​​Trains In World

The name of Germany’s ICE train is included after two tremendous trains of China. The famous Intercity Express running in Germany is at number three in the list of the third fastest trains in the world. Let us tell you that this train is running since 2002, but recently its speed has been increased. Earlier, where this train used to travel 2 cities in 2.50 hours, now it travels in just 60 minutes. Let us tell you that this train is run on the international route, where it works to connect countries like Paris, Amsterdam and Brussels.

TGV, France-

Let us tell you that for a long time this TGV train had the record of the fastest train. Let us tell you that this train network is considered the father of high speed rail technology, besides it is Europe’s first dedicated high speed network.

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JR East E5, Japan-

high speed train in the world

Let us tell you that Japan has first introduced the world to this high speed railway. Let us tell you that the bullet trains of Japan Railway run at a speed of about 320 kilometers per hour. Soon we will get to see such a train in India, in such a situation, fast train is going to come to India soon.

So these are the fastest trains in the world, which can be traveled in a few hours. If you liked this article of ours, then like and share it, as well as stay connected with every life for such information.

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