The poem was shared without naming the writer, now new mom Kajal Aggarwal apologizes

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Mother’s Day was celebrated all over the world yesterday. This day was special for those celebs, who were feeling this day for the first time after becoming a mother. One of these celebs was Kajal Aggarwal, she also shared a poem on her Instagram with son Neil and her photo.

Sharing their feelings was understandable. She was deeply feeling motherhood and it was visible to her fans too. But only then the original writer of the poem, Sara, caught sight of her Kajal’s post and there was a ruckus on social media.

Actually this post was noticed by some other social media handle but then the matter reached Sara too. Sarah is an Australian writer and runs an Instagram account called matrescentmuse. In his account, he has shared many sentimental poems. ‘Dear mum’ was one of them.

After sharing this, a lot of complaints started coming on Kajal’s account. The complaints had become so much that Kajal had to close her comment box.


But he has also apologized for his mistake. He apologized by sending a personal message to Sara and this has been confirmed by Sara herself on her Instagram story. He has written that after whatever happened last night, Kajal Aggarwal has apologized by direct message to me. I thought this should be shared.

(To follow up on the events of last night, I thought I’d share that I had a direct message from Kajal Aggarwal apologizing for what happened. I also had some interesting messages from those who I assume might be fans of the actress. It’s all a little bit more than anything. I would like to have been involved in, so I’m very glad it’s over. Thanks to everyone who supported me in getting my original work credited. I’ll be happy when this has drifted away. ”)

Let me tell you, Kajal has not only apologized to Sara but has also given credit to Reuters by editing her post.