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Childhood & Early Life

Biggie Smalls was born the 21st of May 1972 at St. Mary’s Hospital’ in Brooklyn, New York, to Voletta Wallace and Selwyn George Latore. His mother was an Jamaican preschool teacher , and His father worked as a politician of a smaller scale as well as a welder.

He was a difficult child since his father had to leave his family in the age of just the age of two. His mother was forced to pick two jobs in order to provide for the family.

He attended the ‘Queen’s of All Saints Middle school’, where he was a star in English and was awarded numerous prizes. He gained weight by his 10th birthday, and was dubbed ‘Big’.’

Since his earliest years the boy had been around dealers and addicts all around him. Biggie began selling with drugs at the age of 12 when his mother was to work.

He attended George Westinghouse’s School for Career and Technology Education School following his transfer from the Roman Bishop of the Catholic Church Loughlin Memorial High School. His mother Voletta stated that he adopted an attitude of’smart-ass’ however, he was an excellent student.


He left school at the age of 17 and slowly began to engage in criminal activity. He was detained by police in Brooklyn in 1989 for felony weapon charges, and later sentenced to probation for five years.

He was arrested again in 1990 , for breaking his probation, and was again after a year of dealing in drugs within North Carolina. He was held in jail for nine years before being released on bail.


In the midst of his turbulent life as a teenager he was experimenting with the world of music and performed in the streets with local bands, like ‘Techniques’, and Old Gold Brothers.’

He released a casual demo tape called ‘Microphone Murder with the name Biggie Smalls. The name came by his own fame and also from the character from the film ‘Let’s do it again. The tape was advertised via Mister Cee, a New York DJ who was based in the city and seen by the editor of ‘The Source.’

In March 1992 in 1992, the “Unsigned Hype The Source’ magazine, specifically designed for rappers who are aspiring included the rapper. The Uptown Records A&R signed him following an audition tape.

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In 1993, after Sean Combs, the record producer of ‘Uptown Records A&R’ was dismissed, Biggie Smalls signed with Combs”Bad Boy Records..’

On the 8th of August 1993, he gave birth to his first child, T’yanna one of his long-time lover. He broke up with his girlfriend prior to when his daughter arrived, however he wanted his daughter to finish her studies. To support his daughter financially He continued to battle with addiction. After Combs discovered the situation, he demanded Biggies Smalls to stop.

He was in 1993 when he was involved on the remix of Mary J. Blige’s hit song ‘Real Love.. When he was working on “Real Love,” he went by the name “The Famous B.I.G.,’ the name he adopted for the remainder in his life. The remix was followed with “What’s the 411,’ another remix of Blige. He was the first singer-songwriter in the movie “Who’s the man?” by releasing the single “Party and Bullshit.’

As a solo artist he hit the pop chart on August 1994 with ‘Juicy/Unbelievable.’ His debut album ‘Ready to Die’ was released on September 13, 1994 and attained the 13th position on the ‘Billboard 200′ chart. It also earned six platinum certifications from Recording Industry Association of America’ (RIAA). At a time that West Coast hip hop was dominating the mainstream, this album was an enormous success, which made him a well-known figure within hip hop’s East Coast hip hop scene.

In July 1995 The cover of the magazine ‘The Source’ included him with the caption , ‘The King of New York Takes Over. Then, in August of 1995, he won as ‘Lyricist Of The Year Live Artist of the Year’ as well as “Best New Artist” (Solo) by the magazine ‘The Source. In addition his album was dubbed the ‘Album of the Year. The album was also named the “Rap Artist of Year at the Billboard Awards.’

He became close to rapper Tupac Shakur. They often visited his home and traveled with them. According to the emcee Yukmouth, Biggie Smalls’ style was influenced by Shakur. Then, he became involved in a fight among East Coast and West Coast hip hop, along with Shakur.

In August 1995, the ‘Junior M.A.F.I.A his protege group comprised of childhood pals made their debut with , ‘Conspiracy that led to charts success. The album was certified gold and two singles such as ‘Get Cash” and ‘Player’s Anthem which were certified gold and platinum and gold, respectively. He became the most-seller solo male artist and rapper to appear on U.S. pop and R&B charts.

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The recording of his second album began in September of 1995, but was delayed because of hip hop-related injuries, hip-hop dispute, and legal disputes. In the album “HISTORY the singer collaborated alongside Michael Jackson.

He was detained outside an establishment in Manhattan on the 23rd of March 1996, after he was accused of manhandling and threats to murder two of his patrons who wanted autographs. The sentence was 100 hours community service. In the middle of this year, the man was seized from his residence in Teaneck, New Jersey, for possession of drugs and weapons.

On the 7th of September in 1997, Shakur was killed on the 7th of September, 1996 in Las Vegas, Nevada, and died within six days of his death. Rumors about Biggie Smalls’ involvement in Shakur’s death were making the rounds, and they were published within minutes.

While recording his new album “Life After Death,” He was involved in an accident that smashed his left leg. This made him disabled for a brief duration.

Then, in the month of January, 1997, he had to face an order to pay 41,000 dollars for a dispute which occurred in the month of May 1995. A friend of a concert promoter claimed that he and his group of beating him up.

He traveled in February 1997 to Los Angeles to promote his forthcoming album ‘Life after Death’, which was set for release on March 25. release.

On the 7th of March, 1997 the singer attended the 1997 “Soul Train Music Awards’. He handed the award Toni Braxton. The following day, on March 8th, the singer went to the party afterward at the ‘Peterson Automotive Museum and was hosted by ‘Quest Record’ and “Vibe” magazine.

In the 16 days following the murder of his father within Los Angeles, his double disc album “Life After Death” was released. The album peaked at the No. 1 in the U.S. charts. The album received a diamond certificate from the RIAA, the highest accolade that is awarded by the RIAA to a solo hip-hop album. The other albums that he released posthumously are “Born Again” (1999)and Duets: The End Chapter’ (2005), and ‘The Kings & I’ (2017).

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His two albums of compilation are 2007 release of the ‘Greatest Hits’ and his 2009 release “Notorious: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack.’

Personal Life & Legacy

The first of his children, T’yanna a daughter born to his long-time girlfriend was born on the 8th of August in 1993.

In August 1994 He was married on August 4, 1994, Faith Evans, an R&B singer. The couple’s son Christopher ‘C.J. Wallace, Jr. was born the 29th of October 29th in 1996.

After attending the event at the ‘Peterson Automobile Museum on March 8 in 1997, hosted by ‘Quest Record’ and the magazine ‘Vibe He left in an SUV at about 12:30 a.m. on the 9th of March. As his vehicle slowed down at a stop signal and a dark-colored Chevrolet Impala SS stopped by the car’s side and the driver fired at several times. He died from his injuries at the Cedars-Sinai Hospital in the early hours of 1:15 a.m.

The mystery of the murder has not been solved, there are several theories about the motives and identities of the perpetrators.

On the 18th of March 1997 the funeral of his father, attended by about 350 mourners, took place at the Frank E. Campbell Funeral Chapel. Following the funeral ceremony, the ashes were given over to his family.

Facts You May Not Know About Biggie Smalls

He was described as the”savior for East Coast hip hop’ by “All Music.’

He was in 2002 when he was voted the greatest rapper ever by “The Source” in the magazine’s 150th issue.

He was in 2006 when he the third most popular MC on MTV’s list of the ‘The Best Musicians in All Time.’

In 2009, “Notorious,” an autobiographical film about the actor was released. The film made $44.4 million worldwide. The film’s producers comprised his mom Voletta Wallace as well as Sean Combs.

“Billboard” named him as the “greatest of all time” in the field of music in the year 2015.

These lyrics were used by a variety of hip hop and R&B artists such as Michael Jackson, Jay-Z, Usher as well as Lil Wayne among others.

A black tie dinner is held every year hosted by the ‘Christopher Wallace Memorial Foundation’ in order to raise funds for the purchase of school the needs of school supplies and equipment for children.