‘The father is always the father’, in Anna style, Sunil Shetty gave a befitting reply to Mahesh Babu

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After Mahesh Babu’s statement on Bollywood, the gap between South Cinema and Bollywood is not taking the name of being bridged. One by one more people are jumping into this controversy.

recently This battle of Hindi cinema vs South cinema The name of Bollywood macho man Sunil Shetty has also been added to the entry. Suniel Shetty has given his stand on this entire controversy.

Suniel Shetty recently told in an interview that this ongoing dispute between Bollywood and South Industry is happening due to social media. This is where it has been created.

The actor said that we are Indians and if we watch films on OTT platforms, then language does not come in the middle. There content is essential. I also come from South but if my workplace is Mumbai, then I will always be a Mumbaikar.

Suniel Shetty further said in his statement that we are probably forgetting the audience. We are not able to reach things properly to them. Till now many people in cinema have told me that be it cinema or OTT, baap, baap will remain the rest of the family members, family members will remain.

Sunil Shetty also said this That audience always whistles when there is good content. That’s why we should focus only on the content. Bollywood will always be Bollywood. If you recognize India, you will recognize the actors of Bollywood. This is a journey where we have to rethink and deliver better content.

let you know Mahesh Babu’s statement There has been a lot of commotion about this. He said, ‘bollywood can’t afford me, So I don’t want to waste my time working in that industry.

However, seeing the ruckus growing on his statement Mahesh Babu also clarified, He said that where he (South) is doing films, he is comfortable there. He said, ‘I respect all languages.’