The Director of Captain America’s New World Order talked a little bit about the production of the film

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In an interview following D23 the, director of Captain America‘s New World Order talked a little bit about the production of the film. Of course, how they kept the secret up until the recent announcement, and what this means in terms of the recent announcements and leading into the actual production start. So this comes at us from the comic book and they got to interview the director and stars of the film. You know, people announced and they specifically wanted to talk about Captain America’s New World order. The announcement of what was obviously pretty shocking, the leader being the villain of the film and also what it’s like taking over the reins for the Russo brothers who really defined Captain America as a character for an entire generation and what their goal? Is with Sam Wilson in this position, and he would go on to say that one of the reasons they announced the villain first and foremost is because production is going to be getting off the ground pretty soon.

Now again, this film is set for summer slash on May 3rd of 2024 meaning that production is going to start really soon because Marvel typically likes 12 to 14, sometimes 16 months before a film starts, meaning that. They already got the contract out there. They signed the actor to play the leader and they are officially gearing up to start production by the sounds of it, by January. Now, again, nothing was officially confirmed. But if we looked at Atlanta, for example, and some of the things happening with register trademarks and what’s going on, it looks like January, February at the latest.

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It’s going to be the start of Captain America’s New World order. And the director did also say that. One of the big things happening with this film is the whole leadership thing that they want to focus on and not just the leader. Again, the leadership leader. Some people got to get it confused, the leadership that Sam Wilson brings to this role and how is he different than cab? So they want to explore that and they want to make sure that people know that this is a different style of Captain America film. So as the news starts to trickle out more castings, people will start to understand. So again, they’re teasing a lot of different stuff here and it sounds like that.

They’re going to be a little bit more open in regards to acknowledging some of the leaks or at least confirmations of casting because I think previously these things got out of hand with the leaks, so if you just jump ahead of it and announce it. It kind of makes sense. Which honestly makes me think that that’s why they announced the leader. It’s better to announce him than have the actor on set, have it leak out there, and then it takes all the wind out of it.