The description of TikTok: Old grannies Trend when prank meme goes viral

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TikTok is literally everywhere with its content, as it has attracted attention with the “Old Grannies” trend that has recently gone viral. This particular trend is all over TikTok though. There is something that makes it popular. Well, to be specific about this trend then it’s a joke trend that’s getting a lot of views. If you haven’t checked out this trend, then you should. So what makes these “Old Grannies” so popular?

Read on to learn more about the Old Grannies trend that has become popular on TikTok.

Old Grannies video goes viral on TikTok

The Old Grannies trend, which is a joke trend that has become popular on TikTok, is something that actually emerged in 2020. But with TikTok, nothing can be certain about when it might revive an old trend. So this year, we see this trend go viral again.

@marquaythegoat Reply to @rubl0 Don’t look at that! #xyzbca #foryou #comedy #storytime ♬ original audio – HELICOPTER MAN🚁

Called the Old Grannies trend, this prank trend is all about users trying it on their friends. If you believe, even if you want to know, you certainly can. So here we tell you everything that made this trend popular on TikTok.

What’s so special about this Old Grannies prank trend?

This prank trend from Old Grannies is pretty simple. Those who try this trend on someone should ask the other person to search on google with the line “Old Grannies”. After that the pictures in that category will appear and shock everyone to the pictures.

@mcplaygt Reply to @rissaa__16 what’s next? #fyp #fup #foryou #foryoupage #foru #foryourpage #asian #mom #joke #comedy #funny #trend #trend #viral #new ♬ original sound – McPlayGT

In fact, users tell their family members or friends to search for Old Grannies. They find some surprisingly bizarre images of old grandmothers. As a joke, many tried this trend on their friends. The trend has been viewed and liked several times over time.

User reaction to the Old Grannies trend on TikTok

Old Grannies’ prank trend has gained popularity even in 2020. It’s very trendy this year. In fact, the reaction of users after falling on this trend cannot be missed. Many seemed very surprised by the pictures of ex-grandmothers after searching on google.

Some even fell easily into this viral Old Grannies trend. Many were lucky enough not to see anything strange or shocking in this prank trend from TikTok. However, users definitely give it immense popularity.

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The description of TikTok Old grannies Trend when prank meme The description of TikTok: Old grannies Trend when prank meme goes viral

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