The Adam Project: Release Date, Trailer, Plot and Cast

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Famous Hollywood actor Ryan Reynold for his role as Deadpool and Mark Ruffalo, famous for his role as Hulk, returns with the highly anticipated film of 2022, The Adam Project. It is an upcoming American science fiction film produced by David Ellison and directed by Shawn Levy.

A time-traveling pilot reunites with his young self and his late father to save the future while reckoning with his past.

The Man Project: Cast and Theme!

Canadian superstar Ryan Reynolds will play Adam, and American actor Mark Ruffalo will be a part of the film alongside American actress Jennifer Garner.
Other notable actors of the movie are Walker Sowbell, Catherine Keener and Alex Mallari Jr.

The Man Project: Cast and Theme!


The story of the movie revolves around the concept of time travel, a man who must travel through time to get help from his 13-year-old version. According to Netflix’s expectations, the story will follow a young boy who wants to save an injured pilot in hiding. There can be many twists between the young man and the old man. There may be minor differences between them. So far, the creators haven’t released any trailers for the movie, but if they do release any trailers and teasers, we’ll update it in time.

Project Adam: Release date and trailer!

The official trailer of the movie has not been released yet. However, there are lots of fan made trailers on different youtube channels. If you want to watch the official trailer, you have to wait for a while. Here’s a fan-made clip:

Actor Ryan Reynold announced with pictures that the Adam Project movie has completed the production phase. It’s also ready to stream on Netflix in early 2022. However, there is no official release date.