Texas AG gains federal injunction against a second Biden vaccine requirement

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Texas AG gains federal injunction against a second Biden vaccine requirement

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton scored what he thought was an “win for the children of Texas” following an appeals court ruled against mask and vaccine mandates for Head Start programs initiated by the Biden administration.

The decision of the judge James “Wesley” Hendrix of the U.S. District Court Northern District of Texas requires an end to the COVID-19 protocol terms to fund Head Start programs.


The new regulations that were announced last month demand children who are older than 2 who are in Head Start programs to wear masks. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services requires personnel, contractors, and volunteers of the program to get vaccinated by beginning of January.

“This is a win for the children of Texas for sure, given that parents should be making these decisions, not the Biden administration,” Paxton stated to Fox News.

“We didn’t think that was right,” Paxton declared about the regulations that were implemented in Biden’s administration. Biden administration. “We thought that was a parental choice, not a Joe Biden choice, so we sued them, arguing that he didn’t have the authority – statutory or constitutional – to do this.”

“The agency’s rule requires Head Start staff to be vaccinated and near universal masking of children and adults,” an opinion of the court reads. “It is undisputed that an agency cannot act without congressional authorization. Thus, the question here is whether Congress authorized HHS to impose these requirements.”

When asked if he was expecting reaction from the opposition, Paxton said, “I think parents are going to be glad they get to make the decision. This is a victory for freedom in America.”

Nurses give an individual girl a dose the Pfizer vaccine during the COVID-19 vaccine clinic held at Lyman High School in Longwood the day before school starts for the 2021-22 school term.
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“Hopefully, the Biden administration will lay down their sword and stop jabbing at parents and kids and just let this thing stand,” Paxton said. “I’m sure they won’t. … They think they should make the choice for these children and for these parents.”


The court further noted the fact that “concludes that there is a substantial likelihood that the mandates do not fit within the Head Start Act’s authorizing text, that HHS failed to follow the APA in promulgating the mandates and that the mandates are arbitrary and capricious,” and the mandates “preliminarily enjoins their enforcement in Texas.”

Texas Gov. Gregg Abbott celebrated the ruling via social media and tweeted: “Texas just beat Biden again. Another of Biden’s vaccine & mask mandates was just halted by a federal judge in Texas.”

In the last week, the states of 25 announced legal actions on behalf of the Biden administration over mandates to wear masks for children, as well as the requirement for vaccinations for employees of Head Start programs.

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