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Tessa Virtue began her career as an ice dancer professional working with Scott. They were crowned Canadian champions at the 2001 Championships.’ The duo then won silver at 2002’s Canadian Championships’. They also earned the seventh position within the division for juniors at the Canadian Championships of 2003.’

They instructed by Igor Shpilband and Marina Zueva at the Arctic Edge Ice Arena which is located in Canton, Michigan. In 2004, they competed in the Canadian Championships in the very first time, and took home the title of Junior and finished 11th at the 2004 World Junior championships.’

Tessa and Scott took home the 2004-2005 ISU Junior Grand Prix in China and also a silver medal in the Junior Grand Prix Final.’ They clinched the fourth position in their debut Canadian Championships’ in the year 2005. They took home the silver medal at the’World Junior’ Championships.’

They won the 2005-2006 ISU Junior Grand Prix event, as well as the ‘Junior Grand Prix Final’ event for the entire season. They clinched third place at the Canadian Championships of 2006 and were awarded Bronze at 2006’s Four Continents ‘Four’ Championships.’

Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir were the first Canadian skaters to take home the “World Junior Championships” title, in the year 2006. They also took home the silver medal in their debut ‘Grand Prix’ competition, the ‘Skate Canada International.’

They were awarded the bronze and silver at the Canadian Championships 2007 as well as the ‘Four continents respectively. They set a new record at the World Championships placing sixth place.

The following season, Tessa and Scott won the 2007 Skate Canada Internatonal which earned them the second place at the’NHK Trophy’ of 2007 and were was ranked fourth in the Grand Prix Final.’

The Canadian Championship of 2008 was their first national championship. They took home an gold medal at the 2008 Four Continental Championships’ as well as an award of silver at the 2008 World Championships in Sweden.

In the end of 2008, Tessa’s chronic exercise compartment syndrome was slowing down the duo’s professional career. The surgery was performed in October and could not take part in the Grand Prix competitions in the year.

They made a comeback with wins at the 2009 ‘Canadian Championships,’ the 2009 ‘TropheeEricBompard,’ and the 2009 ‘Skate Canada International.’ They also received gold medals in the 2009 Four Continental Championships’ as well as the Grand Prix Final and also a bronze medal at the 2009 World Championships.’

After winning the Winter Olympics The team of Tessa Scott and Scott made history as the only Canadian (as also the very first North American) and the most recent duo to be awarded an Olympic dance competition on ice. In March of 2010 they took their first world championship .

In October of 2010, Tessa and Scott published the book called “Tessa and Scott The Journey of a Childhood Dream into Gold’ written by Steve Milton.

The pair pulled out of the Skate Canada International of 2010 due to Tessa’s operation. They returned for the 2011 ‘FourContinents’ but had to pull out at mid-point, since Tessa was not fully recovered, and the muscle in her leg was aching.

They were awarded silver medal at the World Championships’. Following this, Tessa made the decision to seek different methods to treat her illness.

After winning both Grand Prix contests Tessa Virtue and Scott took home the silver medal at the Grand Prix Final.’ Then, a score mistake in the free dancing segment was recognized. If the scores were accurately calculated then the two teams would have been winners. The ‘ISU however, didn’t alter the score.

The year 2012 was a success for the pair. Tessa Scott and Scott took home their 4th national title, which was the World Championships, the ‘Skate Canada ‘ International title, as well as the silver medal at the Grand Prix Final.’

In 2013, the duo won their fifth national title, the ‘Finlandia Trophy,’ the ‘Skate Canada International’ title, the ‘TropheeEricBompard,’ and the silver at the ‘World Championships.’ He scored a world record in the Grand Prix Final.’

Tessa and Scott started 2014 by presenting their show “W Network,” which featured their Olympic training. The Canadian National Championships’ Tessa and Scott announced that they might retire following the 2014 Winter Olympics held at Sochi, Russia, and they will not be participating in the 2014 World Championships.’ They clinched the second spot in the ‘Olympics’ three times and then took to take a break.

The year 2015 was the time that Tessa released her first jewelry range in collaboration with Hillberg and Berk.’ Together with Scott she was awarded the Skate Canada International competition of 2016 which set a record at the 2016 “NHK Trophy” competition in Japan and also scored the highest score at an ‘Grand Prix’ competition.

They took home seven national titles, and their third ‘FourContinents championship (in South Korea). The same year, they broke a record at the World Championships held in Helsinki and winning gold medals at the Skate Canada International championship as well as the ‘NHK Trophy and also won their first gold medal at the Grand Prix Final (in Marseille, France).

In January of 2018, Tessa launched her collaborative sunglass collection, dubbed the The BonLook Tessa Virtue X Tessa Virtue’ collection. The collection was also named the brand ambassador for ‘Nivea.’ In the same year she along with Scott produced and performed on their ice skating show”The Thank You Canada Tour.’

The pair added another national title to their resume. In addition, they won in the Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang.

Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir announced their departure from competitive dance in September of this year. In the same year they produced the ‘Rock the Ice Tour.