Tata Motors Testing Electric Cars in New Countries

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Tata Motors, India’s biggest electric car company, is trying out its electric cars in different countries to see if they work well. If everything goes well, they might sell these cars there. They are still figuring out where and how to sell them.

Thinking About New Places to Sell

Tata Motors is thinking about which countries to sell their electric cars in and which cars to sell. They are also deciding how to sell them, like through dealerships or partners. They are doing tests, talking to partners, and figuring things out.

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Details Are Not Clear Yet

We don’t know all the details about the countries they are thinking of. We will learn more next year.

New Dealerships Only for Electric Cars

Tata Motors will open special shops to sell only electric cars. They plan to open these shops in some Indian cities. This is because more people want electric cars, and Tata is making more electric models.


Electric Cars Are Becoming Popular

More people are buying electric cars because there are rules to reduce pollution. Tesla is the most popular electric car company, but other companies like BYD from China are also selling a lot of electric cars.

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Tata Is Doing Well in India

Tata Motors has more than 80% of the electric car market in India. This market is small but growing. They compete with companies like MG Motor from China and Mahindra & Mahindra from India. Tesla also wants to build cars in India.

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Electric Cars Are Growing in India

Only 2% of cars sold in India are electric. The government wants to make it 30% by 2030.

Tata’s Plans

Tata Motors wants to have 10 electric cars in the next 3-4 years. They want electric cars to be 25% of all the cars they sell by 2025. They plan to sell about 100,000 electric cars this year.

New Dealerships Step by Step

They won’t open these new shops everywhere all at once. They will open them slowly to see how it goes. They want to learn what’s different about these shops compared to their regular ones.

Getting Ready for More Electric Cars

Tata is ready to make more electric cars and sell them faster. This will help them open more shops. Before, they didn’t know if people would want electric cars, but now they do.