Taliban: Know what is Taliban and where is the capital of the Taliban?

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Today, the Taliban is the subject of a lot of discussions. However, many people are still confused when they hear the word of Taliban and the word “Taliban” comes up in their heads that, after all this is what exactly is taliban many people aren’t in the know about Taliban? What are the headquarters of Taliban? What nation is Taliban? This is why we will explain Taliban in depth. Today , in this post, you will find out what exactly is Taliban and the reason why it has been able to take over the entire nation of Afghanistan?

There is a lot of information that is being broadcast on the news channels about how Afghanistan is being taken over Afghanistan by the Taliban. Because of this, people who are not aware of these reports, don’t know what the Taliban is is, and they are looking for this information on Google. Therefore, let’s start by learning what we know about the Taliban. Taliban refers to an inquisitor or student. If Talib is used as one word. When it is pluralized, it changes to Taliban. Taliban is a term used to describe a large number of students. Let’s tell you the fact that Taliban is an organization from Afghanistan. In the words of my introduction, Taliban means student, then the question is likely to be popping up in your mind as to which discipline they are studying. Let’s inform you we believe that Taliban belong to The Hanafi School of Thought. There are actually two different classes within Islam that are called Shia as well as Sunni. There are four classes: Shunni and Hanafi. Maliki, Shafi and Hanbali.

The first one is the Hanafi ideology or the Taliban. You must now have a clear understanding of the fact that Taliban are adherents to Shunni Hanafi Islam. We will tell our readers this: Sunni Hanafi Islam is taught in Deoband of Saharanpur, India. Let us inform our readers the fact that Mullah Omar, who was the creator of the Taliban was also a student of Shunpani Hanafi Islam from here.

Taliban was founded in 1994 at Kandahar in the year 1994. Kandahar Afghanistan is located in the south of Afghanistan. In 1996, just two years after the country’s establishment in 1996, the Taliban were able to take over Kabul which was which was the capital of Afghanistan. When they first took Kabul it took two years to capture it, however when it was captured for the second time, it was just 10 days. You might be wondering what made the Taliban achieve the feat of capturing this huge country at such a speed, so let’s learn more about this.

What is it that makes this? Why is the Taliban such a powerful group?

Taliban can be described as the nickname used to describe one of the fighters from the Pashtun race in Afghanistan. The Pashtun fighters are considered to be among the top fighters around the world. We can tell you that the amount of population in Afghanistan is approximately 3 crore 90 lakhs from which 1 crore 90 lakh of them are Pashtuns. This means that half of that population in Afghanistan comprises Pashtun. With the 50 percent Pashtun population and the Taliban has the capability to take over all of Afghanistan. Afghanistan was controlled by Pashtuns for around 300 years. There was always a desire for power among the Afghan Pashtuns. And the most successful known name in the community is Ahmad Shah Abdali, who expanded his rule across Punjab following Afghanistan. In the following years, he was involved in his third war of Panipat with the Marathas within India.

Let us remind the world that between 10 and 12% of surface in Afghanistan can be cultivated. Because of this, the Taliban have also taken several other countries. This was also the main reason for the capturing of Punjab by Ahmed Shah Abdali because Punjab is one of the areas that can be cultivated.

We’ll tell our readers that fighting on behalf of the Afghan Pashtuns can be a fun for children. They are also provided with the opportunity to train. 40 percent of Afghanistan is mountainous. After descending into the hills, you will find an open plain of sand in Afghanistan. These hills are extremely safe zone to the Taliban. This is why it is difficult to take on the Taliban.

Why is it so difficult to stop the Taliban?

When a foreign nation attacks the Taliban and the Taliban establish their bases within the mountains. After the enemy is out of Afghanistan and the Taliban are able to take the throne in Kabul. Nobody can take down Talibani due to these hills. We will tell you that in order to defeat the Taliban that are on these hills America has dropped “Mother of All Bombs” in April, 2017. But Mother of All Bombs also did not do much to deter the Taliban.

America invested around Trillion Dollars in the space of just 20 years to make Afghanistan Modern Afghanistan. After this, Afghanistan again went into the control of the Taliban quickly. America was engaged in the longest war throughout its history and then was forced to surrender.

What’s the motive that led to the victory of Taliban?

In general, people from other countries believed it could take between 2 and three months to capture the Taliban However, the Taliban were able to reach Kabul at a rapid speed, and as a result there was a massive stampede on Kabul airport. Kabul airport. We will now find out the reasons behind the triumph of the Taliban. There are certain motives behind this that we’ll tell you.

  • A lot of cooperation within people of Pashtun tribes. People from the same tribe don’t argue with one another.
  • From the Afghan forces which America had trained over 30% of the Afghans were Pashtuns. The Pashtun Afghan soldiers were sympathetic for the Taliban and this is why the US attempted to pit the Pashtuns in a battle with the Pashtuns but it was ultimately unsuccessful.
  • The Taliban have weapons and Fighters Jet worth billions of rupees, which is provided by America.
  • The Taliban is able to succeed in their machinations due to the corruption that has been spewed in government officials in Afghan government.

Oft-asked questions regarding Taliban

What country has Taliban?

Taliban are not actually a nation but is an organization of Afghanistan. The term Taliban originates from Talib meaning an Arabic word. Taliban means inquisitive student. If talib is pluralized and the plural is talib, it’s Taliban. Taliban refers to a large number of students.

Which is the most important city of Taliban?

The Taliban are a part from the Pashtun race in Afghanistan. Taliban was first established in Kanadhar which is in the southernmost part of Afghanistan. The Taliban have taken over Kabul which is the capital of Afghanistan and due to this, the Vice President and the President have fled Afghanistan.

Who is the leader of the Taliban?

The leader of the Taliban is Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar.

Who is the man who started Taliban?

The person who founded the Taliban is Mullah Omar.

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