Syndicate blasts Musk after alleged misconduct: ‘Flight attendants are not just another accessory’

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The head of the flight attendants’ union sharply criticized Elon Musk on Friday follow up a report The world’s richest man paid $250,000 to a SpaceX stewardess who accused him of sexual misconduct.

The allegations and the so-called severance package were first reported by Insider on Thursday.

Sara Nelson, president of the 50,000-member Flight Attendants Association-CWA, weighed in to angrily dismiss the accusations in 2016 as “totally untrue” after Musk took to Twitter, the social media platform he’s trying to buy for $44 billion.

“Flight attendants are not just another accessory on Musk’s little rocket,” Nelson said.

“Musk believes that money gives him the right to do whatever he wants, regardless of his rights, his humanity, or the protests of others,” Nelson said.

Elon Musk attends the Met Gala in New York on May 2, 2022.Dimitrios Kambouris / Getty Images for the Met Museum

“Musk’s alleged actions in the cabin are a clear reminder of why Flight Attendants first organized 76 years ago,” Nelson said.

“We are in labor time and we will not allow Elon Musk and his friends to continue to treat workers like second-rate or disposable characters on play stations,” Nelson said.

Neither Musk nor SpaceX responded to requests for comment.

NBC News has not independently verified the account or provided access to these documents.

“The fact that flight attendants require their own penny to be licensed masseuses illustrates what we see all too often – the super-rich think they have it all and have to pay nothing,” Nelson said. “This attitude is very common with flight attendants and something all employees have had to deal with from day one.”

A few hours after Insider published the Thurdsay story, Musk said, from twitter that the allegations were linked to a plan to buy the social media platform and that the flight attendant’s friend was “a extreme left activist/actress With a big political ax to crush in Los Angeles.”

“But I have a challenge to this liar who claims his friends have seen me “exposed” – just describe one thing, anything that is not known to the public (scars, tattoos, …). Do this because it never happened,” Musk tweeted. .