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Surya Matka Guessing Free Kalyan Matka Guessing Pakka Friday 15th April 2022: With Surya Matka Guessing and Free Kalyan Matka Guessing Today, we’ve provided a Pakka number for you that will be very useful in the Open to Close. ‘s gonna be.

Every Satta Matka participant is hopeful of creating the Satta Matka. Kalyan Matka guessing the What is the best option? What number will you guess not to close? We will tell you about a brand new game called Kalyan Matka is available within the Matka group. In this post, we’re going to inform you about Surya Matka playing Guessing is a free Kalyan Matka Making guesses about which number will be rolled in and the number that will be revealed in the Kalyan Matka game from closed to open,

It is important to know which is that Suriya Sir (Professor Surya Sir) is completely precise in every Matka Bosses from Kalyan Matka. Perfect Kalyan Matka Guessing) telling. So, today I wondered why not ask about the current Welfare formula (Fix Formula Kalyan Ank) to Prof. Surya Sir. Here you can find the problem with Surya Matka guessing.

The two fields of mathematics and astrology are merged and Kalyan Chart Line most effective by linking Kalyan Matka Guessing has been explained. What is the most effective Kalyan Matka for open to Close (OTC) today? If you’d like to know, you can check out life the Kalyan Matka result lives by clicking here.

We welcome you to this site. you can find here a free Kalyan Matka Fix Jodi For Single Patti Fix, Surya Matka Guessing can be watched incomplete.

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To get a free Kalyan Matka to fix Jodi, and fix Single Patti, you can try This Surya Matka Making guesses Check out the complete report. Anyone who is a Satta Matka player who plays anyplace in the Satta market such as Disawar Satta Matka or Faridabad Satta, Gali Satta King or Ghaziabad Satta or Ghaziabad Satta, etc. They require single-pair welfare.

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Fix Surya Matka Guessing – Kalyan Matka OTC Today Final Ank

Final Ank Also called the Guessing Digit It is an Guessing Ank given from the Welfare Office to determine whether they’re winners or not. This is Kalyan Matka Guessing the Final Ank before you.

Main Marketxx
Milan Day4
Milan Night3
Rajdhani Day8
Rajdhani Nightxx



120-39-900(11:35 AM 12:35 PM)


590-49-667(1:05 2:05 PM – 1:05 PM)


135-92-480(1:25 PM – 2:25 pm)


588-12-138(1:30 pm – 3:00 P.M.)


267-58-350(3:05 PM 5:05 3:05 PM – 5:05)


179-77-278(3:30 5 – 5:30 PM)


145-0(3:45 PM 5:45 4:45 PM)


399-19-270 (8:30 pm – 10:30 pm)


458-76-277(8:40 PM until 10:40 pm)


890-71-146(9:00 pm – 11:00 pm)


120-35-140(9:30 pm – 11:45 pm)


560-10-578(9:35 pm – 12:00 am)

Final Marks Record Final Ank Record

21/10/21 Thu=7=(245-12-129)=1=(268-64-248)
22/10/21 Friday=5=(345-27-890)=5=(249-52-129)
23/10/21 Saturday=0=(469-94-347),
25/10/21 Mon=6=(667-94-130)=3=(480-29-388)
26/10/21 Tue=3=(236-16-259)=8=(244-00-370)
27/10/21 Wed=9=(366-57-359)=4=(360-91-227)
28/10/21 Thu=1=(600-69-135)=7=(220-41-560)
29/10/21 Fri=2=(147-21-128)=0=(667-94-167)
30/10/21 Saturday=4=(367-65-159),
08/11/21 Mon,,
09/11/21 Tue=8=(135-92-237)=2=(127-08-800)
10/11/21 Wed=5=(345-25-357)=9=(468-88-116)
11/11/21 Thu=0=(368-70-299)=6=(578-09-469)
12/11/21 Friday=7=(334-00-280)=8=(568-97-133)
13/11/21 Saturday=1=(179-72-390),
15/11/21, Mon=6=(478-97-458)=1=(178-60-578)
16/11/21 Tue=9=(115-76-123)=3=(120-38-189)
17/11/21 Wed=3=(477-87-269)=6=(340-74-680)
18/11/21 Thu=4=(270-90-235)=5=(180-97-566)
19/11/21 Friday=2=(560-16-466)=2=(339-50-280)
20/11/21 Saturday=8=(267-56-556),
22/11/21 Mon=5=(130-40-118)=7=(239-48-260)
23/11/21 Tue=7=(229-30-569)=4=(246-29-469)
24/11/21 Wed=0=(890-73-580)=9=(390-28-369)
25/11/21 Thu=6=(247-39-270)=8= (446-48-477)
26/11/21 Fri=1=(469-93-580)=3=(268-67-449)
27/11/21 Sat=3=(120-30-479),
29/11/21, Mon=9=(245-17-124)=0=(130-41-236)
30/11/21 Tue=6=(129-23-157)=4=(340-79-360)
01/12/21 Wed=2=(380-11-290)=6=(570-23-788)
02/12/21 Thu=8=(168-50-190)=1=(458-79-289)
03/12/21 Friday=5==7=

Surya Matka Guessing [Video]

Additional questions on Surya Matka Guessing Kalyan Matka Guessing Kalyan Matka Guessing

Who can make the best guess about Kalyan Matka?

The most precise gassing of all Kalyan Matkas is performed through Surya Sir. It determines the final numbers using the mathematical formula and the astrology numbers.

How can I obtain Kalyan Direct company se leak repair Jodi?

If you’re not keen to play Kalyan OTC and prefer a single fix kalyan that has only one pair panel and a single pair of panels, this is the right choice for you. Contact us via this WhatsApp link to reserve your spot by coming in at 2 pm. Kalyan Single Fix Jodi will be made available for you between 1pm and 2 pm.

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