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  • Age: 73 Years
  • Wife: Swapna Roy
  • Education: Graduation In Mechanical Engineering

Some Lesser Known Facts About Subrata Roy

  • Subrata Roy is an Indian industrialist and businessman. He is the Chairman of Sahara India Pariwar. Subrata Roy started Sahara in 1978. By the year 2004 Sahara had had grown to become one of the most profitable conglomerates in India which made Sahara India the second biggest employer in India following that of the Indian Railways.
  • In the last more than two decades Subrata Roy’s firm Sahara India Pariwar achieved new standards. The company’s achievements were highlighted on The India Today group. Subrata Roy was included in the list of the ’10 Most influential people of India’. In addition the Sahara group has increased its presence across more than 5,000 locations throughout the country, employing an estimated 1.4 million people under Sahara India Pariwars. Sahara India Pariwars umbrella.
  • Subrata Roy sold salted snacks from his Lambretta scooter in the early days in his professional career.
  • The journey began for Sahara with only 3 employees in 1978. By 2014. Sahara was the 2nd largest company in India.
  • Subrata Roy founded Sahara India as a single establishment in Gorakhpur.
  • He offered financial assistance to families from 127 of the Kargil martyrs.
  • Sahara India remained the official sponsor of the Indian Cricket Team for the longest period from 2002 until 2013.
  • The year 1978 saw Subrata Roy became a member of Sahara Finance and assumed the control of the business into his own hands after two years.
  • In the late 1990s In the 1990s, he relocated to Lucknow and later became the basis of the group.
  • In the same year, Subrata Roy launched – Sahara City project covering 217 townships that are self-sufficient.
  • Sahara’s domain is now extended to include financial services as well as real estate, media tourism, entertainment healthcare, and hospitality.
  • Subrata Roy started Sahara TV which was later changed its name to Sahara One in 2000.
  • Today, Sahara India has 9 crore deposits and investors that represent approximately 13 percent of the households living in India.
  • In the year 2019, Sahara launched its own electric vehicle (EVs) brand Sahara Evols and also an modern associated service.
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