Storm Eunice causes devastation throughout Europe and stops life.

The UK Meteorological Agency has issued two red warnings for strong winds. These are among the highest possible threats of massive destruction, according to the Pentagon, and are believed to be the first red alerts issued long after the last storm Gertrude in 2016.

Just how violent Eunice the Tempest is:

Storm Eunice is more devastating than Storm Arwen, which arrived at the end of November 2021 and caused massive damage to parts of Scotland and Wales. The wind speed of this storm is higher than the previous storm, which was about 120 miles per hour. Tempest Eunice looks like the “Great Storm” that came in 1987 and did a lot of damage like a hurricane wind. It is estimated that around 22 people died across the UK and France during October 1987. Tempest Eunice is also believed to contain stinging jets. So we need to know about the jets that shoot to know the severity of this storm.

What is a Sting Jet?

The Sting Jets were first established in 2003 and appear to be the two destructive storms we can remember, the Great Storm and Storm Arwen, lasting about 1-12 hours. These stinging jets make storms more terrifying and more difficult to predict. These stinging jets mainly originate from certain types of tropical cyclones, simply rotating wind systems, and form mainly outside the tropics.

The airflow created by this spreads about 5 km above the Earth’s surface and finally falls on the southwestern part of the cyclone much closer to the center, where it accelerates further as it travels and combines with the fastest-moving air.

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Effect of Tempest Eunice:

The storm Eunice, which claimed the lives of around eight people in Europe on Friday, caused devastating damage as strong and horrendous British winds immobilized parts. It mainly destroys the work of everyone who wants to leave with planes, trains, etc. The city of London was empty when it was announced that the UK capital was on a red zone warning, a red flag. One of the police officers on duty said in a sad voice that she lost her daughter by falling into a tree while driving down the road in a strong storm. Tempest Eunice did a lot of damage, varying permanent damage.

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