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SS Rajamouli Biography SS Rajamouli Biography (net worth movie list)

SS Rajamouli has produced many great films in the South Film Industry. However, he became known in the Bollywood film industry when he made a super duper hit movie like Bahubali.

It is the wonder of Bahubali movie that today SS Rajamouli is counted among the best directors. Apart from Bahubali, he has directed a great movie like Magadheera. In today’s article, you will know about all the things related to the biography of SS Rajamouli.

Biography of SS Rajamouli SS Rajamouli Biography

Name:Koduri Srisaila Sri Rajamouli
profession:Actor, director and screenwriter
date of birth:Kovvur, West Godavari District, Andhra Pradesh, India
birth place:Kovvur, West Godavari District, Andhra Pradesh, India
School:not known
College:C R Reddy College of Engineering, Eluru, Andhra Pradesh
marital status:married
wife:Rama Rajamouli
Mother:Raja Nandini
Father:Koduri Venkata Vijayendra Prasad
Son:SS Karthikeya

SS Rajamouli Of Initial life,

SS Rajamouli, who produced hits like Bahubali and Magadheera, is a very big director of the South film industry. Please tell that SS Rajamouli was born in the year 1973 in Raipur district of Karnataka state of the country and his date of birth is 10 October.

SS Rajamouli’s father’s name is Vijendra Prasad. He is a very big script writer in the South Film Industry, that is, he works to write the story of the film. According to the information received, there are many people in the family of SS Rajamouli who belong to the South Film Industry. In a way, his entire family is associated with films.


SS Rajamouli Of Education

Kovvur district in the state of Karnataka is the district where SS Rajamouli first enrolled in a school to pursue his elementary education, although the name of that school is unknown.

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After completing his elementary education from here, SS Rajamouli went to the state of Andhra Pradesh, because there he had to take admission in Reddy College of Engineering to pursue his graduation.

After getting admission in this college, SS Rajamouli studied diligently and from here he got his graduate degree. Let us tell you that Reddy College of Engineering is located in Eluru district of Andhra Pradesh.

SS Rajamouli Of family

Since SS Rajamouli’s father is a film scriptwriter in South’s films, South’s films have been made on many stories composed by him.

Apart from this, his mother’s name is Late Raja Nandini, who has completed his studies till 12th standard. Rajamouli has two children, one of whom is named SS Kartikeya and the other’s name is SS Mayuka, while his wife’s name is Rama Rajamouli. He neither has any brother nor does he have any sister.

SS Rajamouli Of career

Let us inform that in the early days of his career in South films, SS Rajamouli used to work as a supporting director with Raghavendra Rao. Raghavendra is the person who taught SS Rajamouli the qualities of directing.

Rajamouli has also worked in AVM Recording Theater located in Karnataka.

Learning the qualities of directing, when Rajamouli started coming in the eyes of the people, then the stage came in his life when he got the opportunity to direct his first Telugu serial.

The name of that Telugu serial was Shanti Nivasam. This Telugu serial was directed by SS Rajamouli as an assistant to K Raghavendra Rao.

Apart from this, let us also tell you that SS Rajamouli has also written screenplays of many great pictures. Such as Simhadri – 2003, Sai – 2004, Vikramarkudu – 2006, Bahubali The Beginning – 2015 etc.

SS Rajamouli did not limit himself to just directing films, but he also tried his hand in producing films. In this episode, in the year 2012, SS Rajamouli produced a film named Andala Rakshasi. This film was made in Telugu language. The film was an average success at the box office.

The biggest success in his life came when in the year 2015, Bahubali The Beginning film directed by him was liked by the people in India and this film broke all the earning figures in India.

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Even today, Bahubali is at number one in the list of highest-grossing film in India and with this Bahubali became the second such Indian picture in the whole world which earned the highest.

SS Rajamouli Of Body structure

eyes Of Colour, Black 
hairy Of Colour, White 
Chest: 41 
Waist: 34 
side: 12 
length: 5.9 feet 
Weight: 70 Kg 

SS Rajamouli Of Like And Dislikes

favourite hobby:playing cricket, writing a story
favorite actress:Anushka Shetty
Favourite Actor:South Actor Prabhas, Rajinikanth
Favorite Car:range Rover
Favorite Colour:White and blue

SS Rajamouli To get Award

AwardThe year
First IIFA Utsavam end Cinema Award for Best director,2015
National filmfare Award for feature Film,2015
Film Fair Award for Best director, telugu Film Magadhira2009
Film Fair Award for Best director, Telugu Film ega2012
Best Film Fair Award for Best director, telugu Film bahubali The Beginning2015
Film Fair Award for Best director, telugu Film bahubali The Conclusion2017
Nandi Award for Best script writer, Film ega2012
bommireddy narasimha reddy National Award,2014
Nandi Award for Best director, Film bahubali The Beginning2015
IIFA Award for Best director, telugu Film bahubali The Beginning2015
boundary Award for Best telugu director, bahubali The Beginning2015
boundary Award for Best telugu director, bahubali The Conclusion2017
Best director, Film Magadhira Year2009
Best director Film, bahubali The Beginning2015

SS Rajamouli net worth SS Rajamouli Net Worth

According to the information received, the total assets of $ 14 million are with the great director of South’s films, SS Rajamouli. If 14 million dollars is converted into Indian rupees, then this property is around 95 crores. Rajamouli’s wealth increased even more when he worked to direct films like Bahubali The Beginning and Bahubali The Conclusion.

Because both these films had earned money in India as well as abroad, both these films had generated a great income and this is the reason why Rajamouli’s total income suddenly increased and today his wealth is near one billion. is about to arrive. SS Rajamouli has also taken many luxury houses which he has given on rent. In this way, there are many other avenues of their income as well.

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SS Rajamouli movies SS Rajamouli Movie List

There is also one thing about SS Rajamouli that most of the films he has directed till date have managed to do very well at the box office and this is the reason why many producers SS Rajamouli to get the films produced. These days the demand is very high. The names of some of the films directed by him are being given below.

FilmThe year
Maryada Ramanna:2010
Bahubali The Beginning:2015
Bahubali The Conclusion:2017
Rudram ranam rudhiram:2021

Who is SS Rajamouli’s wife?

SS Rajamouli’s wife Rama Nami does not come from a normal family, but her family also has a good film background. Please tell that the name of the cousin of Rajamouli is MM Keeravani and the name of the wife of MM Keeravani is Shri Vali.

Being in the film field, Rajamouli got an opportunity to work with different directors and hence Rajamouli knew his wife for a long time.

NTR And Rajamouli Of Relation

A picture named Student No. 1 was released in the Telugu film industry. This was the picture in which South film superstar NTR and South film’s super director SS Rajamouli worked together for the first time.

NTR often praises Rajamouli for his simplicity. He says that Rajamouli does not in any way show that he is a successful director, but he always tries to learn something or the other. NTR calls Rajamouli by the name Jakkanna. Rajamouli also gives full respect to NTR. A very strong bonding is seen between the two.

SS Rajamouli social Media fans

After the production of Bahubali picture, people started knowing about SS Rajamouli in North India and this is the reason why his followers on his social media handle increased very fast.

If we talk about SS Rajamouli’s follower on Facebook, then he has 7.4 million followers on his Facebook page, 1.1 million followers on Instagram and 5.6 million followers on Twitter handle. Below you are being given the link of SS Rajamouli’s social media account, by clicking on which you can visit his social media account.

• SS Rajamouli Instagram Profile:

• SS Rajamouli Facebook page:

• SS Rajamouli Twitter handle:

• SS Rajamouli Website:

SS Rajamouli Of about In unknown things

• SS Rajamouli does not take any kind of intoxicant. He hates drugs. He neither drinks alcohol nor consumes any kind of alcoholic drink.

• The very famous director and screenwriter of Tamil films, Koduru Bankata is SS Rajamouli, son of Vijendra Prasad.

• SS Rajamouli director K. He has worked as an assistant to Raghavendra Rao.

• He has also worked in AVM Recording Theatre.

• Of. As an assistant to Raghavendra Rao, he got the opportunity to direct the Telugu serial Shanti Nivasam as a director for the first time.

• He has written the screenplay for pictures like Simhadri Vikramarkudu and Baahubali The Beginning. He produced the Telugu film Andala Rakshasi.

• He received Star World India Entertainment of the Year Award in 2012.

• Bahubali film produced by him is at first place in terms of earning in India and second in terms of earning in the list of Indian film all over the world.

• In the year 2016, he received the Padma Shri award.


Q: What is the real name of SS Rajamouli?

Ans: The real name or full name of SS Rajamouli is Koduru Sri Sayala Sri Rajamouli.Q: What is the nick name of SS Rajamouli?

Ans: His nickname is Jakkana.Q: Who is SS Rajamouli?

Ans: SS Rajamouli is a very big director of South films. Apart from this, he is also an actor, screen writer and producer.Q: What is the present age of SS Rajamouli?

Ans: 48 years