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Scene 1
Inspector tells Minal and Saras that he cannot file and FIR for up to 24 hours. Minal says what do you mean? Saras takes him out. Minal remembers the moments she had with Sejal. He is crying. They are asking around. No one saw him. Drishti cries to Yohan. She calls him and says please pick up your phone. She cries and says where did the mother go? Abhishek hugs her. He is crying. Shail and Shalini are drinking. It says there is. Shail ignores him. SK and Tanhaji are also trying to find Sejal.

scene 2
The next morning, Yohan wakes up bound in a dark room. He’s confused. He says where am I. He looks around. Yohan tries to break the wires. Sejal is out. He comes into the room and Yohan is not there. He looks around with the gun. Sejal says this is what I want.

The wedding function begins. Minister Yohan asks where is he. Aarun says don’t worry if Yohan will come back. The whole police force will find him. Aleesha comes in wedding dress and says I am sure Yohan will come. I trust my love. It has to come for me. I’ve been waiting for him for 10 years. He will be mine forever. Shalini says she will marry him. Krish says how stupid he is. Alisha’s mom says you can’t go to mandap alone. Mom says please step aside. Arun calls his men and says call him. Aleesha says uncle Arun has a sword with Arun’s outfit for his royal look. His father says why are you trying to go to mandap. It’s not here yet. She asks Veera to cast her evil eye. She says a lot of people will be jealous. Aleesha’s mother tells her to bring Yohan at any cost. Veer says it’s time. Sit down please. Aleesha says no. Aleesha goes and sits in the mandap. It burns the fire.

Everyone stops him. They ask what are you doing. Aleesha says please wait, she will come. Aleesha lights fire and says our buffalo is now on fire. I will emerge from this buffalo either as Yohan’s wife or as a corpse. The Minister tells Arun that if anything happens to my daughter, I will destroy her job and her house. Arun says please calm down. Aleesha’s pallu catches fire. Arun calls the men and asks where is Yohan. Yohan comes and says I am here. Everyone is shocked to see him.

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