Spy Bahu: Can Yohan go back in time to marry Alisha?

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Colors TV show Spy Bahu took an interesting turn with the death of Sejal’s brother Farid. Sejal cannot meet his brother and decides to take revenge on Yohan for sending his brother down this path. Sejal kidnapped Yohan with the intention of killing him. Alisha is excited to marry her love Yohan, but will Yohan be able to escape from Sejal?

Yohan woke up in the morning to find himself tied to a chair. Alisha tells everyone that she trusts her love and that Yohan will come today. Sejal returns to the room where he locked Yohan and sees Yohan running out the window. Kamal warned Arun that his daughter would remove Arun’s name from Delhi even if it was just a scratch. Yohan returned home and Alisha hugged him. Yohan remembered that the last thing he did was to have a drink with Shail. Arun told Yohan that he should prepare for marriage now and that he can tell everyone what happened next. Drishti came to Yohan’s room and asked Yohan where he was and why he was leaving. Yohan said he was back and that was more important and they could argue more after marriage. How could Drishti think Yohan would be happy for the rest of his life? Drishti says she knows everything about the deal she made with her father.

Yohan said that this marriage would bring him happiness and his real happiness was to see his sister happy. Drishti begged Yohan not to marry as she could never part with guilt. Yohan hugged Drishti and told him to go as he wanted to get ready. Yohan prepared and remembered that Mahira had told him that we cannot escape from something we love with all our heart. Yohan thought that after getting married today, he would lose all hope of finding Mahira. Sejal prepares as a bride and draws a cross on Yohan’s picture. Alisha told the microphone from a room that it was love at first sight with Yohan, and she wrote her destiny to marry him.

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