Spy Bahu: Can Sejal stop Farid?

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Colors TV show Spy Bahu is now on Yohan’s marriage path. Yohan is in love with his childhood friend Mahira, but at his father’s request, he agrees to marry Alisha. Sejal learns that Yohan has a connection with his brother Farid and considers a plan to meet him. Sejal leaves his sangeet and follows Farid in hopes of finally meeting his brother. Will Sejal still marry Jatin? Will Yohan marry Alisha?

Sejal got on the bus and told SK the bus number from memory. Minal and Saras defended their daughter and said she must have a reason to leave. The police surrounded the bus and asked Farid to surrender. Farid goes out at gunpoint with Sejal and threatens to kill him if anyone follows him.
Sejal tried to speak, but Farid covered his mouth and used it as a shield. Farid pushed Sejal and entered a warehouse as the bomb exploded. SK took Sejal to the hospital. SK told Sejal that his DNA matched and that the terrorist who died in that explosion was his brother, Farid Mirza. Sejal’s family rushed to the hospital and brought him home. Sejal watched Yohan’s spy camera and listened to him talk on the phone. Yoha said that Farid changed his mind, but in the end he did and became an example to many boys. Sejal remembered that Yohan had paid Farid and persuaded him for the mission. Sejal decided to take his revenge on Yohan and keep his family safe as well. Shail and Shalini are glad they finally got rid of Sejal and plan to take care of their next problem, Yohan.

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