Spider-Man vs Kraven: Aaron Taylor-Johnson Teases

Sonny’s next big standalone blockbuster, spinning off of Spiderman but probably not involving Spiderman unless they’re gonna shove him in there, is Craven the hunter. So recently Sonny’s officially sent out the memo to stars of the film, specifically the star himself, Aaron Taylor Johnson start hyping up Spiderman, even if he doesn’t appear in it. So that’s exactly what we’re talking about today. Ohh yes, good old Craven the hunter.

Everybody’s favorite Spiderman villain who’s going to become a animal loving hero who doesn’t hate Spiderman?

Everybody’s favorite Spiderman villain who’s going to become a animal loving hero who doesn’t hate Spiderman? Probably because it doesn’t seem like spiderman’s in that universe yet. But hey, that’s not going to stop them from teasing a Spiderman confrontation just like they did with Morbius Venom and Venom. Let there be carnage because that’s what they’re doing to hopefully get people to watch the film. So in an interview with Variety talking about bullet train, which is a film he is in, Aaron Taylor Johnson addressed fighting Spiderman and he said that it’s one of those things that if you look at the comics, Craven and Spiderman go hand in hand, you have to have these guys together.

So when it comes to what they’re doing they are going to go in that direction. But he cannot spoil whether Spiderman is appearing in this. Confirm anything and how the universe works. So what? He’s saying is, we’re gonna do this one step at a time and hopefully, like Morbius and Venom, we can fool you enough times that you’re going to show up in hopes and then you’ll leave disappointed. And again, according to that giant plot leak which I covered, which I mean in depth, nobody’s denied it, and everybody that’s heard a single thing about it keeps adding more to it.

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It seems like it’s true, including people I’ve talked to directly, that I’ve confirmed that everything was in fact true. The Spiderman connection is going to be very loose. Again, I will link that bot description up above so you guys can check that out, but it’s one of those things where they’re being very careful with what they say and how they’re positioning this. And again, most people are under the belief now that the Spiderman debacle that’s happening with Sony in terms of how they use Spiderman, they have to be very careful with and they can’t use Tom Holland, same version which we know, but they can’t introduce just the new rebooted version for the sake of doing that.

Because then that could piss a lot of people off and make their universe honestly look useless. Because if you introduce a new live action Spiderman, people automatically go, oh really? It’s not the one we already have, it’s not the one we like. So they’re just teasing the connections to this one that everybody’s familiar with that just made them over one point nine billion. Dollars which makes sense. So in my opinion, he’s doing the safe PR thing. He’s it. Say it’s probably gonna happen, but don’t ever confirm it, because probably not until we can workout the contract with Disney.