SNSD aka Girls’ Generation will be making a full group comeback this summer

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SNSD, popularly known as Girls’ Generation, is gearing up to make an official comeback in 2022. All eight group members will come together just in time for the group’s 15th anniversary since their debut.

With Girls’ Generation’s latest announcement, it’s safe to say that fans are on cloud nine. They are excited to witness the reunion of the entire band this summer soon.

The K-pop group also announced that they will be releasing a full new studio album.

Here’s everything you need to know about Girls’ Generation’s latest announcement.

Girls’ Generation is returning in 2022

South Korean StarNews first confirmed the news of Girls’ Generation’s reunion. Other news outlets such as Soompi, AllKPop, and KpopHerald further confirmed the announcement.

On May 17, SM Entertainment also confirmed that all eight members of Girls’ Generation will reunite in August 2022.

The upcoming comeback will also mark the first time the entire group has come together in five years. The group disbanded in 2017 for solo careers and activities.

Girls’ Generation’s official Twitter account posted, “Legends are back! #GirlsGeneration will release an 8-member album this August to celebrate their 15th anniversary!’

For the uninitiated, the girls made their official K-pop debut with their hit single ‘Into The New World’ on August 5, which helped them gain instant fame.

The group released their sixth and final album together in August 2017. The recording was called Holiday Night, which featured tracks like Holiday and All Night.

Fans react to Girls’ Generation reunion announcement

Girls’ Generation fans were emotional to learn that their favorite group will be reuniting soon. They were very happy when they realized that they would be getting new songs from the group in about 5 years.

Not many fans can wait for summer to come soon.

One of the fans said, ‘I’ve been waiting for you forever girls but I’m so happy you’re back.

Another user tweeted, commenting on the news, “The girls are back! Girls’ Generation is back! The Queens of K-pop are back!’

A third fan shared his excitement about the news, saying, “We’re finally back on SNSD, which means a new era and no longer using the same photo in every news article.”

The group will appear on multiple television shows to promote their upcoming album.


SNSD aka Girls Generation will be making a full group SNSD aka Girls' Generation will be making a full group comeback this summer

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