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The ending of Shijo KO leaves us with a lot of questions and certainly few answers that we’re gonna have to wait and find out where exactly they go and what they are teasing. But what answer we got right away is who exactly is playing Hawk Sanskar, and this is accompanied by a rumour of where he might appear next. Okay, so let’s get the rumour out of the way first. Wherever anybody says that they’ve heard that he’s going to appear literally within hours of the character showing up when they didn’t even know that he was showing up.

How exactly Can you believe it yet can’t be right? So we can all take gas the big rumour is the next time we see the character it will be in one of the big crossover films

How exactly Can you believe it yet can't be right? So we can all take gas the big rumour is the next time we see the character it will be in one of the big crossover films

And again, while that makes sense, he could just as easily appear literally anywhere else, right? Captain America, New World Order, Thunderbolts, literally anywhere else where the hope might pop up. So any rumour disregarded because there’s no way that these people know. Again because they didn’t know.

Okay, now let’s talk about Scar himself. Only a matter of about an hour and a half to 2 hours till Internet detectives figured out who exactly is playing the character in the MCU. This happens to be will douser of wasted is the last name right? But he’s probably best known, at least recently to comic book fans for playing a character in DC Star Girl. So relative. Newcomer, I would say you know nothing to a big here, no big credits or anything like that. And again its a new character for DMC you and who knows if they’re gonna swap out actors down the road. I mean look at for example Cassie Lang, what do you like the fourth actress to play that character in the MCU so they are willing to do it and who really knows if he’s already signed a bigger agreement or whatever.

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But make no mistake, the character will be important going forward, that’s why. They dropped the major bombshell here and of course, there are plenty of directions they could take this in and what they do with it, but it’s definitely gonna be one of those things that I think take so little bit more time. I don’t think we’re just gonna have him pop up everywhere.

He’s gonna obviously be accompanied with his dad and probably she Hulk to some degree and its gonna take a bit of time till there in the full swing of things. So overall it’s pretty cool to know exactly who played him very early on, right after the episode dropped and I can’t wait to see you. What they do with him, honestly, if they do what they did in the comics, that should be really interesting.