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Simon Konecki is a British charity entrepreneur most well-known as his ex-husband to Grammy award-winning Academy Award winner English musician and singer Adele. The brand of bottled water that is ethically sourced “Life Water” is the result of his ingenuity and a concept he co-founded with long-time partner Lucas White to provide a cost-effective, ethical alternative to the market for bottled water. He is also the director of its drop4drop, a charity that uses the donations of the bottled drink industry and from individuals to support projects that offer clean drinking water to the developing world. Formerly an investment banking professional, the banker was “appalled by the increasing gap between the wealthy and the poor” and determined to act against the wasting of drinking water, and to make drinking water accessible to all at a cost that was affordable. In addition to many famous faces, the charity is backed with the help of comedian Stephen Fry and British actor Sid Owen, his friend for over 20 years. Sid Owen is the main source of inspiration for Adele’s Grammy-winning album “25”. The song she sang ‘Remedy’ was partly about him, and another track, ‘Water under the Bridge’, was in the spirit of their relationship. Other songs of hers like ‘I Miss You”as well as “Lay Me Down’ and “Why Do You Love Me’ were thought to be inspired by him.