Shakira goes viral in TikTok dance contest against Jimmy Fallon

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Recently on Jimmy Fallon’s show, Shakira came face-to-face with her host in TikTok challenges, and the Internet just can’t get over it. While ordinary people make their way to TikTok. There are also celebrities who have stepped in to be on the video creation platform. Among these celebrities is the singer and dancer Shakira. But why is it creating a buzz on the internet?

Read on to learn more about Shakira joining the TikTok challenge with Jimmy Fallon.

Shakira was a guest on the Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

While everyone is aware of the popular talk show The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. We see that Jimmy, the host of the program, is having fun with the celebrities who are guests of his program. Jennifer Lopez, Blake Lively, etc. Let it be. The talk show even has an episode where the host and guest try to sing or dance to win against each other.

@shakira #TeFelicito ya esta en la calle, @rauwalejandro ♬ Te Felicito – Shakira & Rauw Alejandro

Well, we had a talk show recently where Jimmy invited Shakira. The two had fun chatting. In the show, there came a time when Shakira and Jimmy faced off against each other in the famous TikTok challenges.

Shakira beat Jimmy Fallon in TikTok challenges

Ever since Shakira was an amazing dancer and artist. Dance moves always remain unbeatable. In fact, for this reason, Jimmy has invited Shakira on his talk show to confront him in recreating some of his TikTok challenges with his dance moves. But the condition was that both of them could only see it once to recreate the Tiktok challenge.

In this face-to-face TikTok challenge, the duo set out to recreate the “Money Don’t Jiggle” trend. Shakira recreated as usual. Fallon couldn’t do it like Shakira. The other trend was Shakira’s own trend, “Te Felicito,” where both Shakira and Fallon were successful. Fallon was praised by the audience.

Netizens’ reaction to Shakira and Jimmy Fallon’s TikTok challenge

This confrontation experience between Shakira and Jimmy Fallon was shared by the star on TikTok. The video received millions of views. Not to forget, Shakira has around 19 million followers on TikTok.

But after watching Shakira and Jimmy Fallon’s dance moves, the internet was definitely flooded with comments. In fact, some users really admired the way Shakira did her unique dance moves. In fact, users said that no one can do these dance moves better than Shakira.

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Shakira goes viral in TikTok dance contest against Jimmy FallonShakira goes viral in TikTok dance contest against Jimmy Fallon Shakira goes viral in TikTok dance contest against Jimmy Fallon

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