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who are you? Shailene Woodley?

Shailene Woodley has a reputation as an American performer and activist. She gained acclaim for her character ‘Alexandra ‘Alex’ King,’ a teenager who is suffering from addiction in The Descendants. After her highly acclaimed role in the film ‘The Descendants she created numerous other roles that demonstrated her ability to perform difficult characters effortlessly. Shailene was able to earn an important spot within the world of film at a young age in her career, which is an accomplishment in itself. Beginning her career with appearances in television and commercials and later, she was able to appear in prominent roles as a lead actor in Hollywood films. Due to her acting abilities she has won numerous awards, including the ‘MTV Film Awards’ People’s Choice Awards’ and Teen Choice Awards. She’s also been nominated for high-profile awards like the BAFTA Awards the ‘Golden Globe Awards’ and the Primetime Emmy Awards. In addition to being an actor who is successful, Shailene Woodley is also an environmentalist and activist. In 2010, she co-founded All it Takes non-profit organisation alongside her mother. The year after, she was honoured with the Entertainment Industries Environmental Leadership Award at the 20th anniversary of the of the Global Green Environment Awards’ in recognition of her co-founding the ‘All it takes organization.

Childhood and Early Life

Shailene Diann was born the 15th of November 1991 at San Bernardino, California, USA and was the daughter of Lori Victor and Lonnie Woodley. The mother of Shailene is Lori is an elementary school counselor, and the father Lonnie is a school’s director.

She was raised with her sister Tanner and her younger brother Tanner in Simi Valley in California. When she was in regular school, she was model and part of commercials as young as four.

At five years old, she began acting. old, she started learning to act from Anthony Meindl. After she completed her elementary schooling and matriculating to ‘Simivalley High School.’

Shailene experienced a rough time in high school, when she was in a bad company and started to drink alcohol. She eventually managed to regulate her drinking habits by enlisting the help from her parents.


At 15 years old at which point she was diagnosed with Scoliosis, which is a curvature that runs sideways of the spine. To treat it, she needed to wear a brace made of plastic that ran from her chest to her hip. Fortunately, the condition was discovered in the early stages and there were no consequences.

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Television Streak

When she was eight she made her TV debut in the show “Replacing Dad. After a few years, she was featured in minor roles on television shows such as ‘The District and ‘Crossing Jordan..’

Her performance was well-respected as well, and in 2004 she was offered the lead role in a film for television titled “A Place Called Home.’

The popularity of her work as a child performer grew when she portrayed ‘Kaitlin Cooper’ in the film ‘The O.C. In the following year her character was selected for the TV role in the show “Felicity: A American Girl Adventure.’

From 2004 until 2008, she was a guest actor in a variety of shows. The roles she played in ‘Everybody Loves Raymond,’ ‘My Name Is Earl,”CSI: NY,” and ‘Close To Home’ helped her develop her acting skills and gave her exposure.

She was signed in 2008 to play got a contract to play Amy Juergens, the main character in The Secret Life of the American Teenager. The show has had a positive effect on her career. In the show, Shailene played the role of a teenage girl who is pregnant. The trials that the character had to face were expertly executed by the actress.

A Young Film Star

“The Descendants” was the turning point to her acting career. In 2011 she played the spoilt daughter of Matthew King who was which was played by George Clooney. She was able to gain experiences on the set of the film and was praised for her performance as the character.

After her appearance in the film ‘The Descendants’, she was prominently featured in the cover pages of a variety of magazines. People magazine included her on the list of the ‘Most Beautiful at Any Age in 2012’ as well as ‘Nylon’ proclaimed her “The The Future of Hollywood.’

In 2013 she played the character of ‘Aimee’ Finecky an nerd who is in a relationship with a senior in high school who was who was played by Miles Teller, in the film ‘The Spectacular Here Now. According to the Los Angeles Times and The Guardian, her character in the film is compelling and mature.

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In 2012, she signed her name to the film “White Birds on a Blizzard. Although the film was not a huge success however, her performance was well-received. The film’s critics felt that her performance in the film was authentic.

The actress was the character “Mary Jane Watson” in the sequel to ‘The Amazing Spiderman 2. The Amazing Spiderman 2’. However her character was omitted from the film due to the producers believed that her character would create a distracting factor in the storyline.

In 2014, the ‘Orlando Weekly reported that her portrayal as ‘Beatrice’ Prior” in “The Divergent” helped the film avoid being a failure at the box office. It was also reported that her performance pushed this film up to number 1 of the list in its debut week, which made it an instant blockbuster.

A Phantasmal Actress

One of her most memorable performances to this day is her portrayal as “Hazel Grace,” a cancer patient in the movie “The Fault In Our Stars’, which is the adaptation to John Green’s novel. The author himself claimed Shailene’s portrayal of his character was stunning.

The Chicago Sun-Times recommended the nomination of an Oscar in the name of Shailene for her performance in the film ‘The Fault in Our Stars. The newspaper said that her performance was one of the most memorable parts of the film.

Her role was reprised as Beatrice Prior’ on the film ‘The Divergent Series: insurgent The sequel to the film ‘The Divergent.. She was featured in ‘The Divergent Series Allegiant’, the third installment of The Divergent Series..’

In 2016, she was as ‘Lindsay Mills’ alongside Joseph Gordon-Levitt in the biographical thriller film ‘Snowden’ that was released within the United States on September 22 on the 22nd of September, 2016.

After her success within the industry of film, Shailene started focusing on performing TV roles. In 2017 she was cast with Nicole Kidman and Reese Witherspoon for the lead role of ‘Jane ‘ Chapman in the HBO series “Big Little Lies.’

She made her debut as a full-time producer in 2018 with her romantic drama film ‘Adrift’ that produced by Baltasar Kormakur. The film received mixed reviews from critics and her performance was well-received by many.

In 2019 she portrayed the leading part in the Drake Doremus directed love story ‘Endings and beginnings.’ The same year she was chosen as ‘Jennifer Stirling in the romantic-drama film The Final letter from Your Lover.’ In the year 2019 she was also selected to play the character ‘Teri in a drama movie called ‘Prisoner 760..’

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Major Works

“Rolling Stone” was awestruck by her performance in the film ‘The Fault in Our Stars’ and called her “a magnificent actor.” The magazine also declared the actress was “incapable of making a faux move in front of the film.” The movie earned more than 307 million dollars in the theater.

Her role in the film “The Divergent Series’ established her as a reputable star within the American film industry. The series made several hundred million of dollars across the globe and the third installment earning 179.2 millions dollars.

Awards and Achievements

Her first nomination for acting at the ‘Young Artist Awards for ‘Best Young Actress in a Television Movie for her performance in the television film ‘Another Place Called Home.’

She was awarded the award at the 2013 Sundance Film Festival’ under the ‘Special Jury Award for Acting’ category for her performance in the film “The Spectacular Now. In recognition of her performance on the movie, she also was nominated for the Independent Spirit Awards in 2014.

She was awarded the ‘Breakout Performance Actress Award’ for “The Fault in our Stars at the ‘The Hollywood Movie Awards.’

She was nominated for both “Golden Globes” and “Primetime Emmy Award’s’ to honor her part in ‘Big Little Lilies..’

Personal Life & Legacy

She also revealed that she was in a relationship with Ben Volavola, an Australian-Fijian union rugby player.

In an interview with the show ‘Jimmy Kimmel She said that she’s given her house to her grandmother since she’s not there to make the most of it. She is staying with her buddies whenever she’s living in Los Angeles.

She is an environmentalist and was against the Dakota Access Pipeline’ construction and was arrested for violating the law in Saint Anthony, North Dakota. But she fought back and continued to protest and consider it to be as a danger to the environment.

Additionally, she is a part of ‘Our revolution,’ an organization that aims at raising awareness among voters so that they can choose progressive candidates for their leader.


Woodley uses clay to clean her teeth. She then washes her mouth using sesame oil to keep her teeth clean and white.

Shailene Woodley
Shailene Woodley
Shailene Woodley