Sembaruthi: May Neelambari look down upon Parvathy!

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Sembaruthi is a Zee Tamil hit show. This story is different with its unique story line. Now this show focuses on Parvathy to warn Neelambari!

We saw in the previous section; Parvathy was saving the dream for Adhi. She asked him about a new dream in which he lied as if it were nothing. Parvathy considered taking Adhi out to avoid such a situation. She shared with him that she wanted to go out with him. He offered her the location of Kodaikanal. Adhi reassured him and went to check the schedule. Parvathy heard Vanaja talking to Nandini. He learned from her that Neelambari was in Kodaikanal. Parvathy wanted to change the place but Adhi told her she was not allowed. The next Day Parvathy saw Neelambari in Chennai and feared the worst. He took Adhi to the temple and tied a security rope to his hand. Later, Neelambari asked Nandini to watch Parvathy closely. Parvathy took another night mare.

In the next episode, viewers will see; Parvathy will meet with Neelambari. She will let him know that she is dreaming often and that it is real. She will explain to him that she had a nightmare like Adhi stabbed her with a knife. He will ask Neelambari to leave this city. Neelambari will look down on his dream and say that he will kill it before he does!

What will happen next? When will Adhi learn the truth? Will Parvathy be able to save Adhi?

The next chapter will answer all our questions, stay tuned to our space for more updates.

Sembaruthi: Let Neelambari despise Parvathy! It first appeared on Tellyexpress.