Saree Designs for 50 Year Old Women

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If you want to look young in saree, then try these fashion tips once.

No matter the age, sari lover women have the craze to wear saris at all ages. But with age the choice changes. Especially by reaching the age of 50, the choice of women becomes such, which makes them look old. Whereas even at the age of 50, if the print, pattern and fabric of the saree is chosen correctly, then you can look almost 10 years younger than your age.

Today we will tell you in this article that if you have reached the 50th stage of age and want to look younger than your age, then what kind of saree should you choose.

Broad Prints Saree

Usually, by reaching the age of 50, women are in search of fine and fine prints in the saree. But fine prints make you look old, whereas if you wear broad print sarees, then you look youthful. If you are wearing a broad print saree, then keep these fashion tips in mind-

  1. You will find broad prints in cotton, silk and chiffon. It would be best that you choose a saree of chiffon fabric.
  2. To make yourself look youthful in this type of saree, you can carry a designer blouse of sleeveless or net fabric.
  3. Always carry light weight jewelery with chiffon saree.
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saree with embroidery

Saree with embroidery can be worn at any age. If you are 50 plus then you should keep some things in mind while choosing a saree with embroidery-

  1. You should wear a saree with broad embroidery instead of a saree with dense embroidery.
  2. You should also pay attention to the neckline of your blouse. The first thing is that if you are wearing a saree with embroidery, then wear a solid colored fabric blouse with it. Along with this, make the neckline of the blouse trendy instead of traditional.
  3. Carry only minimal jewelery with embroidery sarees. It would be best that you club a pearl garland with a saree.
saree designs for old women

silk saree

If you are fond of wearing silk sarees, then you can wear silk sarees at any age. But if you are 50 plus then what kind of silk saree should you choose, let us tell you-

  1. You should wear silk saree of dark shades. Like dark pink, dark blue, dark green or dark red color will give you a youthful look.
  2. Try wearing plain silk fabric saree. Do not opt ​​for self designer or printed silk sarees.
  3. Gold jewelery can be worn with silk sarees. If you want to look more youthful, you can also wear broad jewelry with matching beads.
    plus women saree looks

Lahariya Saree

It is generally seen that most of the younger women like to wear lehariya print sarees. But Lahariya saree has nothing to do with age. You can wear Lehariya saree at any age. But women of 50 years of age should keep some things in mind while choosing Lahariya Saree-

  1. Choose dark colors in Lahariya saree. You will look old in light colors lehariya saree.
  2. If you are wearing heavy lehariya saree, then you should carry a blouse with light design.
  3. You can also wear colorful fashion jewelery with Lahariya saree. It is lightweight to wear, but heavy in appearance and also gives you a party look.

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