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  • Age: 24 Years
  • Mumbai is Mumbai, India.
  • Education: Bachelor Of Arts

A Few Lesser-Known Facts about Sana Sultan Khan

  • Sana Sultan Khan is an Indian actor, model, and social media influencer.
  • She was born and raised in Mumbai. In an interview, she spoke about being bullied at school and college.
    Since it is largely related to my childhood, I feel compelled to share with you some details about it. As a child, my personality was timid, shy, and below-average. I was often bullied, demotivated, and was often shy. Now, I’m going to college and will enjoy myself and pursue all my passions. I’m going to experiment with different styles of hairstyles and makeup. I was surprised to find out that I was not going to be the main heroine at the college. Instead, people called me a fashion disaster. People made fun of my fashion sense and bullied me. I knew I was doing something different and cool that people didn’t really get and their comments were hurtful. But I didn’t give up and let anyone define me as a person. So I used the powerful medium of social media. Sana Sultan Khan’s childhood picture
  • In her first job, she was a blogger. She then started making Dubsmash video in 2014. After her videos became immensely popular, she began making TikTok video. She became an instant hit on the app with lip-sync videos, which gained her thousands of fans.
  • Sana was in Hindi short films, including ‘Lost Dream (2016)’ and ’An Everlasting Love’ (2018). Sana Sultan Khan in Lost Dream
  • She has been featured in print advertisements as a model.
  • After winning “UC Miss Cricket 2019”, she was featured in the Billboard New York Times Square building. Sana Sultan Khan appeared on the Billboard of Newyork’s Time Square Building
  • In 2020, following the ban of TikTok India, she began posting reels to Instagram. On her Instagram account, she collaborated with many Indian celebrities. Her Instagram account has over 2.3 million followers as of November 20,21.
  • She appeared in several music videos including “Launda Sakth Hai”, “Na Rehn De” and “Ishq Story”, all by Ninja.
  • In one of her Instagram posts, she was seen smoking Hukka.
  • In 2021, Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam Bharat Puraskar – Social Media Star of the Years award was presented to her. Sana Sultan Khan receiving her Social Media Star of the Year Award 2021
  • In an interview, she spoke about the moment that made her change her life. She stated,
    My life was changed by one small thing. It was a small thing that gave me motivation and big dreams. My college years were when I tried to take part in a fashion showcase. But my seniors refused and said that I wasn’t able to and didn’t have the talent. It was really hurtful, and it made me angry. So I challenged them and stated that I would be coming as a judge for this fashion show. Although I’m not sure why, it happened within a year. I was also called to the stage as a chief judge and guest during the next college festival. This was the same show in which I was banned from participating. It was this that made me believe that I stood by my words. This was one of the things that changed my life. It made me believe that anyone with enough courage and will can accomplish anything.