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Saath Nibhaana Saathiya 2 – New Episodes

If you are looking for a good Hindi drama, Saath Nibhaana Saathiya 2 is the right choice for you. The show is a romantic comedy that features a talented cast of Bollywood actors and debutante actors. The first season was a hit with its excellent acting, but the second season will be even better. If you are not already hooked on the show, here are some things you should know about the second season of the popular drama.

This romantic drama follows the story of two orphans, Aham and Kokila Modi. The two cousins grow up in a rich family, but their relationship grows out of control. Anant decides to stop the wedding of his niece Gehna and her new husband Srivastava, who is married to a businessman. Both men fall in love with each other, but both are very jealous of the other.

Saath nibhaana saathiya 2 latest news

In this second season, the recurring characters are back. Ahem is played by Harsh Nagar, and his cousin Gehna will be played by Sneha Jain. The new version of the show is based on the life of Ahem, and the two wrestlers fall in love. Despite this, Ahem’s family doesn’t approve of the relationship. Gopi’s parents, however, try to change his mind by showing him a picture of Gehna as a wrestler.

The second season of Saath Nibhaana Saathiya 2 will focus on the Modi family. The story will revolve around Anant and Gehna’s love story. While the original cast has the same concept, the new cast will be more colorful and dynamic. In addition, Devoleena Bhattacharjee will also have a change in her role, but her role will be more of a villain.

Saath nibhaana saathiya 2 second season

The second season of Saath Nibhaana Saathiya focuses on Kokila’s life and the struggles she faces as a mother. Ahem also helps Kokila and Modis in reuniting their love lives. They meet again at an old friend’s house, and both become friends. As the series progresses, Swara gets angry with Kusum for collecting empty juice glasses from guests.

The second season of Saath Nibhaana Saathiya will premiere on Star Plus on 19 October 2020. It will star Radhika, Gopi, and Rasoda. The second season of the show will also star Gopi, Koki, and Rasoda. If you are looking for a good romance on TV, you should definitely catch Saath Nibhaana Snathiya 2 on TV.

In this second season, Saath Nibhaana Saga follows the events of the first season. As Radhika’s sister, she is pregnant with her first child. The mother is a complete opposite to Rashi, so the two women are complete opposites in every way. The mother-in-law role in the second series of Saath Nishtiya was played by Rupal Patel.

Second season cast

The second season of Saath Nibhaana Saga will continue with the same cast. It will continue with a female lead and a male lead. As a fan, you will probably find the second season just as intriguing as the first. You can’t wait until tomorrow’s 2nd February episode. In the meantime, enjoy the episode. It will be up on star plus and dailymotion.

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In the previous season, the cast and director had a difficult time deciding on a new name for the Gujarati cast. In the first season, they were known to resemble one another. As such, the title of the show is “Gopi Bahu”; this character was a male. Hence, the new show will have a female lead in the same cast as the original.


The first season starts with the introduction of two main characters. Ahem is married to Meera, while Dhaval is married to Kinjal. Ahem and Dhaval are married and the two sisters have a daughter, but they have no children. In the second season, their daughter, Meera, is adopted by their parents, and she is a proud aunt of Dhaval.

While Ahem is happy to have a child, he is still insecure about his sexuality. Despite his disapproval, he is determined to protect his daughter from a potential mate. In the second season, he is even more obstinate than the first. When he learns that the baby is his real mother, he is able to convince her to return her daughter.


The series focused on life, and it arranged for the marriage of Gopi (a cousin sister) and Rashi (a cousin brother). Urmila and Jitu adopted Gopi, their niece, after her parents passed away. While Gopi, who is illiterate and kind, was left shy, kind, and naive, Rashi, their adopted daughter, is intelligent, friendly. She is also lively, cunning, and cheerful. Gopi, Rashi and Jigar are married to Ahem and Jigar respectively, sons of Modi. Gopi’s mother-in law Kokila, a steadfast and kind-hearted woman, transforms Gopi so that she becomes a confident and more intelligent woman. Rashi unsuccessfully attempts to make Gopi unhappy, but ultimately the family accepts the cousins. Rashi’s cousin Dhaval gets Kinjal married to Kokila’s girl Kinjal. Gopi later has a child. Meera gives birth and Rashi give birth twin-sons, Samar and Sahir.

Gopi discovers her parents are still alive and reunites with them. Radha, Gopi’s older sister, wed Umang. Umang’s second wife Tripti is killed and Radha holds Gopi to blame for Umang’s death. Radha then decides that Meera is in danger. Gopi discovers that she’s pregnant again. However, she is unable tell the family. Radha arranges an accident for the family, which leads to Meera being accidentally thrown into the river by Gopi. Kokila holds Meera accountable for Meera’s demise and asks her to leave the house so that the family can enjoy their happiness.

Storyline 8 years later

Gopi raises Vidya alone, and works as an art teacher. Vidya lives in Somgarh. Ahem, Kokila, and Gopi are both depressed by Meera’s and Gopi’s deaths. Rashi is the new mother of Modi’s family. Kinjal has a son, Prateek. Vidya is also told by Samar, Prateek, and Sahir that Ahem was her father. Gopi & Ahem soon meet during Ahem & Radha’s remarriage. Here, the entire family learns that Vidya & Gopi are Ahem’s daughters. Gopi and Ahem eventually reunite with Meera who was orphaned as Gauri. After that, the entire family was reunited.

Radha’s true colors come out and she is sent to jail along with Tripti. Rashi gives up her life to save Gopi, her former colleague Anurag Joshi who was in a relationship with her. Rashi’s death causes Jigar’s depression. Jigar marries Paridhi his cousin in the force of his family.

Radha lures Jigar to sleep with her, and soon she is pregnant. Radha soon has a child, whom she also names Rashi. Rashi is threatened with death by Radha. The Modi family follows suit. Gopi realizes her sister won’t reform and kills Radha. She is sentenced to 14-years imprisonment.

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Storyline 10 years later

Gopi is released at the end of 10 years. Due to her good conduct, her sentence was reduced by 4 from 14 years. She goes home to her family. Gopi is still shocked at the various twists and turns that took place in Modi family. Kokila works as a house maid for Urmila, who is mentally disabled. Paridhi did not accept Jr. Rashi when Gopi went to jail. Kinjal lives separately from her husband in Modi Mansion. Ahem lives in Modi Mansion, with Meera, Vidya, a woman called Mansi Raheja. Mansi takes care of Meera & Vidya.

Gopi and Jigar travel to Mumbai to take back Meera-Vidya. Gopi couldn’t recognize Meera-Vidya’s personalities at first. The calm, kind, and gentle Meera has become aggressive and rebellious. Vidya is a fun-loving, naughty Vidya and now takes care Meera.

Meera and Vidya are blaming Gopi for their abandonment for Jr. Rashi. Ahem tries showing Gopi that he doesn’t love him anymore. Meera accidentally drove Gopi out of his building, but Ahem saved him and performed puja. Gopi eventually manages to reunite his family. Meera however, refuses Gopi’s acceptance and causes many problems.

Later Kokila’s childhood pal Gaura appears in the story to take revenge on her brother’s tragic death. Vidya’s marriage to Shravan, Gaura’s great-grandson, is arranged. Gaura secretly marries Meera to Shravan’s son Dharam. Dharam also gets Meera involved in the revenge plan with Gaura by constantly instigating Meera against Modi’s family.

Madhu, Gopi’s mom, returns to her adopted daughter Sonakshi “Sona” with her in revenge for Radha’s murder. Madhu is later killed and Sona marries Sahir. Meera accepts Gopi from her and apologises to her. Gaura tries killing Kokila and causing injuries to Modis multiple times but is eventually caught by police and taken into custody.

Dharam, Meera fall in Love and are remarried. Ahem eventually dies due to an accident that Gaura orchestrated. (In fact, he was saved by Gehna. The details were revealed in Saath Nibhaana Saathiya

Storyline 5 years later

Gopi, who has not been able to talk for years, is extremely depressed after Ahem’s death. Kokila will take care of Gopi. Paridhi has removed Sahir, Sona, their children, from Modi mansion. She also gets Samar married, to a fashionista Monica. The rest have moved to Canada.

Vidya has a 4-yearold daughter, Priyal. Meera however, hates Vidya because she believes Vidya caused her miscarriage. Later, they reunite when Dharams daughter, Naiya exposes Naiya as the real perpetrator. She did it for the sake inheritance.

Kokila accepts Dr. Krishna Raheja’s proposal for Gopi’s marriage, but Gopi refuses. Krishna is revealed by Mansi as her brother. He vows revenge on Gopi, for having separated Mansi from Ahem. Gopi meets Kokila and soon they meet Jaggi (a look-alike to Ahem), who is later revealed as Kinjal and Ahem’s half-brother. Kokila calls him to save Gopi. Later, the Modis were successful.

Gopi marries Jaggi for his protection from Radhika, an evil young girl. Gaura, who is the surrogate mom of Meera & Dharam’s twins returns and pays Chanda to create trouble for Modis. Chanda also kills Modis when she tries exposing her. Paridhi leaves for Canada with Monica, Samar, Jigar and Samar.

Gaura’s crimes eventually get caught and she is sent prison for the accident that resulted in Ahem’s murder. Sita Rathod is rescued by the Modis after she was forced into a marriage. Bhavani, her stepmother, falls for Dharam and forces Meera to leave.

Gopi learns Vidya had twins at Vidya’s time; a daughter, and a son. Ramakant, her long-lost boy, has become a selfish, spoiled young man of Singapore. Jaggi, Gopi, and Jaggi rescue him. Ramakant has a problem with Modis, who arranged Sita’s wedding.

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Ramakant marries Anita’s girl Sameera after he elopes. Sameera seeks revenge from the Modis over Anita’s demise. Bhavani and her partner join hands to ruin the Modi clan. Later, the truth about Bhavani’s and Sameera’s crimes is revealed. Ramakant marries Sita and apologizes for all his mistakes. Later, the show ends showing that everyone is happy ever after

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