Russian Soldiers Want to Go Home ‘Sick and Tired’ From Ukraine War: SSU

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  • A Russian soldier complained that Ukrainian troops were constantly attacking his positions.
  • The soldier was also recorded to have said goodbye words in Ukrainian during the captured search.
  • Another captured search revealed that a Russian soldier begged his mother to remove him from the war in Ukraine.

More Russian soldiers are now expressing a desire to quit the war in Ukraine and return home as we enter the third month of the war.

Ukraine Security Service Wednesday He released a recording of a phone call in which a Russian soldier was heard complaining about attacks by Ukrainian defenders.

The soldier was heard saying to his friend, “We are fighting against sabotage groups that try to enter the village every night…”

The soldier added that he was “sick and tired” from the war, and said he and many of his comrades wanted to go home.

“I’m sick and tired of this, damn it, I want to go home man. Some of us are on the edge: let’s stop getting the fuck out of here, they’re driving us really crazy,” said the soldier, ending the conversation with “Do pobachennya”, which means goodbye in Ukrainian.

It is unclear when and where the phone call was interrupted. The Security Service also did not share details about the soldier’s identity.

The newly released recording is the latest in a series of evidence that the morale of Russian soldiers has plummeted.

Also Wednesday, the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine announced another recording of an intervening phone call between a Russian soldier and his family. On the call, the soldier, whose identity is only Andrei, told his father that they had rebelled against their leader and refused to obey any orders.

Andrei also begged his mother to remove him from the war, resulting in his admission to a psychiatric hospital. Daily Monster.

In early April, Dmitri, a member of an elite Russian army brigade, announced that many soldiers in his unit had refused to redeploy and rejoin the war in Ukraine. He and at least eight soldiers told their commander that they wanted to withdraw from the war. Dmitri was later transferred to Belgorod.

“I have nothing to be ashamed of. We are not officially at war, so they couldn’t force me to go,” Dmitri said.

The reversal of Sweden and Finland’s long-standing policy of non-alignment came as Russia approached the third month of its war against Ukraine. Photograph: AFP / Jonathan NACKSTRAND

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