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Russell Westbrook?

Russell Westbrook III is a popular American basketball player, who plays for the Houston Rockets of the NBA. He comes from a sporting family Russell began to show his abilities when he just a child. From receiving the most prestigious awards when he was in college and then becoming among the top well-known NBA stars, Russell has come a quite a long way. Russell began his career as a ‘NBA’ player in 2008 after being recruited by the Seattle SuperSonics’, which later changed to the Oklahoma City Thunder. He was a fervently trained player by the father of his team, Russell Westbrook Sr., Russell Jr. dedicated most of his life to the sport. Russell’s skills and talent led him to be an integral member of the American basketball team. Additionally, played for both the United States in the 2010 “FIBA World Cup” as well as the 2012 Olympics. In both events, he was able to help his team to win the gold medal. In 2017 Westbrook was the only basketball player in history to record the highest number of triple doubles during the ‘NBA’ season in which he played. Alongside his basketball accomplishments, Russell has also launched an eyewear line, and continues to show his love for fashion in the world.

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Childhood and Early Life

Russell Westbrook was born on 12 November 1988 at Long Beach, California, USA to Shannon Horton and Russell Westbrook. Shortly after his birth Russell Westbrook’s Westbrook family relocated into Los Angeles. The younger brother and he Raynard were taught with their dad. Russell Westbrook Sr. used to organize exercises to help his sons master the intricacies that the game requires.

He attended ‘Leuzinger High School. His mother made sure the boys were successful academically, even though they spent lots of time basketball. With his muscular and tall body, as well as a unique style, Westbrook caught the attention of many people during his high school years.

According Russell Russell the most significant moment in his entire life came from the passing of his teammate Khelcey Barrs III. They had a great relationship and Russell was greatly saddened by his loss. In the aftermath Russell began to train to the max, and quickly became a popular player at high school. He eventually made it to the team for the NCAA basketball tournament.

He was a solid player throughout his ‘UCLA’ playing career and his explosive game allowed his team to take the top four spots in two seasons. He got his biggest break in 2008, when he was the fourth overall selection in the draft for the NBA.


Awarded the draft by Oklahoma, Russell Westbrook showed the potential of his game at the time of his 2009 debut when he hit his first triple double. Then, he was part of the NBA’s All Rookie First Team which was ranked fourth in the lineup. In Oklahoma’s second season the team was out in the opening round, after losing to the Los Angeles Lakers. But, Russell cemented his place on the team by scoring the average score of 16.1 scores per match.

In the 2011 Western Conference Tournament’ in 2011, He played a major part in helping his team to make it to the finals. In the same year coaches enrolled him on his team to play in the 2012 NBA All-Star Game. In the wake of his incredible performance, his team made Finals the very first time since the team returned. Westbrook concluded in the season 2012-2013 with an average 23.2 scores, 7.4 assists, 5.2 rebounding, along with 1.8 steals per contest. This was an incredible performance.

A knee strain caused him to miss two games his knee injury kept him out of the initial two games of the 2013-14 season due to a knee injury. In his comeback game against the New York Knicks the team scored 14 points, and also helped the team win an impressive victory. Russell was scheduled for an arthroscopic procedure immediately following the game and returned on February 14, 2014. The operation ended his streak of never playing for his team during the regular season.

In a game against the “New Orleans Pelicans” during 2015 Westbrook beat his record for career-highs of 45 points when he scored 48 points. In the same year Westbrook played in the All Star Tournament after a prolonged absence because of surgeries. The team scored 41 point, and was later named the All Star MVP. After that the team was on a run of dreams where he scored six triple doubles within eight games. While his team was eliminated in the postseason, Westbrook played incredibly well and averaged 28 points per game.

In the 2015-16 season, he racked up 18 triple doubles, which is a record before set by Magic Johnson. Westbrook also scored an impressive 18 triple doubles. The 2016-17 campaign saw Westbrook achieved his third consecutive 50 point triple doubles. He also was the only player in NBA history to accomplish the feat.

National Team

Russell Westbrook was part of the American basketball team at the 2010 FIBA Championship held in Turkey. It was expected a lot from Russell Westbrook, as he had established his name. But, he did not meet the expectations. Even with his poor performance it was the USA triumphed in the tournament and it was their first trophy win since 1994.

For private reasons Westbrook declined the opportunity to represent his team in the 2016 Olympics.’

Fashion Endeavours

In addition to his personality both on or off court Russell Westbrook carries with his awe-inspiring sense of fashion. His line of eye-gear ‘Westbrook Frames was introduced in 2014 and has seen moderate success.

His partnership with “Barneys Store,” a luxurious department store situated in New York City, has been very successful. His vibrant personality has made him attain an cult following in the eyes of his admirers.

Private Life

In the year 2015, Westbrook was married to his long-time love Nina Earl. In 2017 they welcomed a son, and named Noah Westbrook. Noah Westbrook.

Westbrook’s love of his former high school buddy Khelcey Barrs has inspired him to wear the “KB3” band around his wrist, as well as sneakers.

Because of his passion with fashion and style, Westbrook was a frequent attendee of his share of New York and Paris fashion week.

In the year 2018, Westbrook and Nina Earl welcomed twin daughters.

Net Worth

In 2019 the net worth of Russell Westbrook is $125 million.