Rosemary Goncalves went missing with her two children. The police are asking for a chase.

A mother and two children have gone missing since Valentine’s Day, police said. Rosemary Goncalves was last seen with her 8-year-old daughter and 6-year-old son in London’s NW8 area on Monday evening.
According to authorities, the 29-year-old has ties to Westminster and Hackney. Police officers are appealing to pursue Rosemary Goncalves and her two children. However, they could not gather enough information about the trio. Police authorities are issuing statements to track Rosemary Goncalves.

“We need to know that all three are fine,” Sgt. Darren Bull added that officers want to hear from anyone who has seen the family.
A Metropolitan Police official said, “Rosemary, if you are reading this, please contact me or go to the nearest police station.”

Who is Rosemary Goncalves?

Rosemary Goncalves, 29, has gone missing with her two children since Monday, February 14. Security cameras captured Rosemary Goncalves, 29, and her two children. In a video clip, she was seen with her two children around St John’s Wood and Regent’s Park in London on Monday, February 14 at 5:45pm in the NW8 area. Investigators were investigating her disappearance based on her last location. The video was mentioned as a hint. Chances are she will appear somewhere nearby.

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