Rajini: Rajini will attack Ranjitham

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Rajini is a newly launched show on Zee Tamil. This story is about Rajini who selflessly does everything for his family. Now the series focuses on Maarimuthu to fire Padma!

What we see in today’s episode; Rajini tells his family members that Padma and Meena are guests and they will stay in their room and leaves. Ranjitham adds that no one listens to his words. Murali, is this box going to let everyone stay at our house? Ranjitham asks her to face him if he has the courage. Rajini shows Padma his room. Meena shares with him that she wants to enter university but it will remain her dream. Rajini proposes to her that he will help her attend university, thinking that her sister is coming in as a university freshman. Meena thanks him and asks her to let him enter the same university. Rajini reassures him. Meanwhile, Maarimuthu thanks his brother Singamuthu for solving his problem in an easy way. His brother pretends to take care of him and advises him to live with his family.

In the next episode, viewers will see; Singamuthu will offer his brother to sell the house and start his business. Later, Ranjitham will complain to Maarimuthu that he brought two people home to stay without Rajini’s permission. Rajini will insult Maarimuthu and invite Padma to have lunch with him. Ranjitham will provoke Maarimuthu to scold Rajini. He is shocked to see Padma there.

What will happen next? Will Maarimuthu be captured? Will Rajini learn the truth?

The next chapter will answer all our questions, stay tuned to our space for more updates.

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