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Are you looking to learn programming and would like to be a proficient programmer? To do this, you need the knowledge in Programming Languages. In this article, we will be discussing talking about a High-Level Programming Language We will discuss its name “Python”. If you’re looking to be a programmer, then you must know What exactly is Python (What does it mean to be Python is in Hindi) and what is the reason why it is essential to know?

The majority of the software or applications that running on mobile and computers phones are created using a programming language. Nowadays, there are several programming languages. are being used, such as C ++, Java, PHP etc. Millions of people across the globe use a variety of programming languages.

Computer when working with a computer it needs to provide directions in the language the computer is able to understand. In order to provide instructions to computers using its language programming languages are constructed by mixing letters, words symbols, and rules for their presentation following specific rules. Each programming language comes with its own capabilities that can be used in accordance with their needs.

With the rapid advancement of technology, a lot of changes are happening with these programming languages, which offer the most beneficial features to users.

There is a programming language called Python that is ranked among the top Ten Programming Languages of the world by the Programmimg community. So let’s take a look at take a look at this Python video Let’s begin and be the first person to be aware of what is Python? and what are the features of it.

What is Python? (What is Python)

Python The HTML0 is an advanced programming language. Python Programming with structure and object-oriented programming is possible with this. Additionally functional programming, it can also be executed using Python.

This is an open source high-level encrypted and general-purpose programming language which is easy to learn. Python is a great programming language, and with it the best software can be developed within a short period of time. It is used to build Desktop Application Websites and Web Applications.

Python can be described as a language for programming that is similar to C++ but it is a much simpler language when compared with the other languages, and its syntax is unique, making this language understandable for people who use it. Different developers can also translate Python code into a different language by studying the code, making it more straightforward to do than programming language.

Python The best feature is the capability of a dynamic tap systems and automatic memory management that greatly lowers the costs of maintaining and developing programming. This is why teams that work with Python Programming Language work in cooperation with one another.

As a high-level programming language Python has been adopted by numerous large corporations. like YouTube, Quora, Instagram, Pinterest, Google etc. support using Python model languages and programs. This means that Python-based applications written in Python

The modules are created in Modular Style which are designed to accomplish a variety of tasks. These modules can be used in different projects and are easy for them to be imported and exported.

History of Python

Python was developed in the late 1980s by Guido Van Rossum in the Netherlands. It was first introduced in 1980, and Python was introduced 10 years later, in 1991. Then, in January of 1994 the initial Python version, Python, Python 1.0, was released. The second version of Python 2.0 was released in October 2000, and the 3rd release, Python 3.0 was released in December 2008 following a long time. The latest Version of Python, Python 3.6.1, was released in March 2017.

You must be wondering about the reason the name of this programming language is Python and not the name of the snake species Python.

The name Python was derived in the title of a show called comedy that was aired in the 70s. script titled Monty Python’s Flying Circus was launched by BBC Comedy series which influenced Guido Rossum to name his programming language Python. Gave.

Presently it is it is currently the Python language is being maintained with the help of the team that developed the Python core that is Python Programming Language we are constantly adding new features and updates.

What is the reason for Python employed?

Python is an is an object-oriented programming language. which we employ to develop software. Here are some specific reasons why Python language is utilized.

  • Python is an also interpreter language meaning that it is able to execute the code that is written within it, it doesn’t require compilation in a format that is computer-readable like other languages. Programming language Conversion of object code from source code must be performed prior to programming.
  • Python programming language is more user comfortable, so that there’s no difficulty with understanding it, and the code written in it can be understood easily. If you are looking to master it, you don’t need to pay for a license. In this case, a free program accessible to the general public license is accessible. This lets users learn and play.
  • Python is an Platform programing language that is independent that is utilized by a variety of applications such as Windows, Mac, Linux. Operating systems is based on. Nowadays the most popular preferred language of the vast majority of programmer is Python. It is utilized in the creation of web-based applications, system software games, app development, websites computers, computer graphics, server-side applications, etc.
  • Python Also, it is used by NASA for the production of space-related equipment and spacecrafts. Python Programming Language is utilized. The programming language is utilized in the latest technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Data Science as well as other.
  • The Python standard library can support a variety of Internet protocols, including HTML, XML etc. The source code of the library is accessible to all and anyone is able to easily modify its code. Since its source code is kept accessible to all users, it is possible that anyone are able to download and use it at their own discretion.

Features of Python

Python programming language is a great programming language with many characteristics. Here are a few significant features that are part of Python language:

Simple to comprehend Programming Language

The syntax Style of Python is extremely simple and easy to read. It is more easy to write and read in comparison to programming languages like C++, Java and C#. It is simpler than the programming languages that are used in the world. It is easy to learn. While it’s called High Level Programming Language, it is written in an easy English language that is easy to comprehend and to learn. If you examine the code, you’ll learn more about what it is.

Interpreted Programming Language

As I stated earlier, Python is an interpreter language. It means that, to run its program, it does not need to be built by converting it to computer-readable format. Other than Python is the only one, there are several other programming languages that need to be transformed from source code into object code prior to coding. These attributes make Python distinct from other programming languages.

Portable Programming Language

Python is a language that can be used in a variety of ways. Programming programs written using Python can be transferred between platforms and run with no modifications. If you create a program using Python it will not need to make any modifications in order to make it run on various operating platforms. It is compatible with all operating systems (such like Windows, Linux and MacOs).

Free and Open Source

Python is a programming language that could be used by anyone in any part of the globe. It is possible to freely utilize and distribute Python for personal or even in business operations. It is not just possible to use as well disseminate Python programs, but you can also modify the source code for Python.

It also has a large community that assists users of the Python language. There are forums where questions regarding Python Programming Language can be solved. The community is growing at a an incredibly fast rate.

Extensible and Embedable

Other programming languages can be incorporated into the Python code. Python language. In the event that you require a software with top quality. It is possible to combine with C/C++, or another programming language with Python code, if you’d like. This makes your program extremely robust. However, this feature isn’t available by other languages of programming.

Large libraries to solve common issues

Python comes with a standard library that allows programming to be simple. Since if you utilize Library You will not need to change the code inside the program. For instance, suppose you want to connect your website server to an MySQL database? In this scenario, you could access the MySQLdb Library by using import MySQLdb within your code.

The Python standard library is continuously being tested and is used by thousands of users. You can therefore be confident that there aren’t any errors in it , and it’s completely safe.

What is the best way to learn Python? (How to master Python)

It was also a good idea to know what is Python and its capabilities. You must have had a desire to study Python. Here are some crucial suggestions to know how to master Python?

Practice Regularly

If you are looking to master every programming language available, you must practice it daily. If you can spare just an hour a day to master Python then you’ll be a proficient programmers.

begin noting

Sometimes, we conduct an experiment and then forget about the results. Keep a record of what you have learned during the day, and keep it in your mind to go through it once. Notes should be written in your own language, so that is easy to comprehend once you read it.

View Online Tutorial

It is essential to be curious about everything. Always consider trying something new and doing the necessary research. This will help you gain understanding and enhance your enthusiasm for programming. Additionally, you can participate in an online tutorial or visit any site. Below are some of the most important web sites as well as YouTube channels that offer Python tutorials on Hindi tutorials on their website. It is possible to watch and study how-to videos that they have published.

make use of Android phones

You can download an Android apps on your phone to help you learn computer programming. Books on programming are the best method to master. There are tons of PDFs and other. accessible through the Internet to study programming from that you can study. You just need to search for the language you would like to learn programming and a variety of results will be before you. For those who are having difficulties understanding English should not be concerned. A variety of excellent Ebooks that are written in Hindi are accessible through the Internet to help you learn programming.

Learn it and attempt to comprehend it

Similar to how word meaning is required to master English In the same way, code is essential in learning programming. Once you are able to comprehend tiny code, you can quickly learn Python. You can conduct studies on the Internet regarding the code you don’t understand.

Start your project

It is important to experiment to make how to improve your skills. Imagine if you thought of developing a software, then think about how great it could be. If you are having trouble and you want to conduct research on it, you’ll be able to master many new things and eventually become a skilled programmers.

Some Important Websites and YouTube Channels to Learn Python Language

For Python Hindi Tutorials

  1. BestHindiTutorials.com
  2. hindilearn.in

For Python English Tutorials






Channels for Python Video Tutorials

  1. CodeWithHarry
  2. CS Geeks
  3. Harshit Vashisth
  4. com
  5. Tech-Gram Academy

Conclusion – What is Python in Hindi

Now, let’s see what you’ve did learn what is Python? , What exactly is Python (in Hindi) and the reason to you should learn Python. If you enjoyed this article make sure to pass it along your friends via social media. If you’re still having a questions regarding Python tutorials in Hindi You can let us know by leaving a comment. We’ll try to answer your queries as quickly as we can.