‘Property Siblings’ Star Drew Scott and Wife Linda Phan Welcome First Child

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On the fourth anniversary of their marriage, Property Brothers actor and wife Linda Phan welcomed their first child, a baby boy named Parker James Scott, on May 12. baby, “Our lives have changed forever.”

On the June 1 episode of their At Home podcast, Drew and Linda went into more detail about their new baby and announced that they would take a short break as they “enjoy this time discussing our new duties as parents.”

Linda claimed she was “extremely excited” to finally have her babies at home after 44 hours of delivery, despite feeling her “poop.”

“It looks like such a haze now,” Linda said of her birth, which included an epidural before her cesarean section. “I think all you can do is be there in the moment. For the most part, I was strangely peaceful. It was like I was floating through you.”

Linda also had this to say about the whole thing: “I’m still baffled and can’t believe what I saw. I feel like I have to adjust to every stage of this pregnancy. Then it moves on to the next milestone or something as soon as I’m practically attuned. I always feel like I’m catching up with my emotions.”

Baby in pink dress appeared in her fist

The then-anticipated star 37 wore a pink dress to show off her baby’s bulge in her social media post. After that, the couple asked their fans for help with “diaper changing and sleep training”.

The following month, the Canadian native showed off her growing belly again and joked on Instagram that Scott had a “nice belly.”

About Drew Scott and Linda Phan

Two years after their engagement, she and the real estate agent got married in Italy in May 2018. While the couple has no intentions of expanding their family “soon”, Scott told Us Weekly in May 2019 that the kids are “definitely” on the way.

Brother vs. “That’s why we remodeled our house as well,” said the Brother alum, “to make sure it’s a great home for our family to grow into.”

Drew and Linda first announced their pregnancy in December, and after a two-year struggle with infertility, they announced they were expecting a child.

“It has been an adventure to come here!” Drew took to Instagram to express himself. “We realize that we are not alone on this journey and that each of them presents their own problems. When we first started down this path, we quickly realized how grateful we were to the professionals we had the chance to work with, the family and friends who supported us by sharing their stories or just being there.”

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Property Siblings Star Drew Scott and Wife Linda Phan Welcome 'Property Siblings' Star Drew Scott and Wife Linda Phan Welcome First Child

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