Preliminaries to watch on Tuesday: Madison Cawthorn faces a few challengers and more

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Primary voters go to the polls in five states, with closely watched contests for Assembly seats in North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Oregon.

first class representative Madison Cawthorn It faces several major rivals, endorsed by Senator Thom Tillis, who said Cawthorn “falls far short of the most basic standards he expects of Western North Carolina’s representatives.” Also in North Carolina, the open seat for retired Democrat David Price is in a crowded field, former “American Idol” contestant Clay Aiken, state Senator Valerie Foushee, and Durham County Commissioner Nida Allam. If he wins, he will serve in the state office in North Carolina.

In Oregon’s 6th District, Senator Jeff Merkley described the participation of the House Majority PAC, a group aligned with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, as “absolutely wrong.” This race is turning into one of the most expensive primary races in the country.

Democratic voters in Pennsylvania’s 17th District — currently represented by Democrat Conor Lamb, who is running for Senate — will have to choose between two candidates, once perennial and now leaning on Republicans.

More Home races to watch on Tuesday:

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Republican Congressman Madison Cawthorn A congressman from North Carolina’s 11th District faces several serious primary challenges aimed at replacing him after his turbulent first term in Congress.

Cawthorn has been trapped in a lot of controversies lately, during Mark Meadows’ first term in congress, during Mark Meadows’ first term in congress, he has been trapped in a lot of controversies lately, from looking for the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky a “bandit”, caught driving with a revoked driver’s license, loaded gun To Charlotte airport for ethical complaints about alleged misconduct against its staff.

Former President Trump to Hold Rally in North Carolina
Madison Cawthorn speaks before a rally for former US President Donald Trump at The Farm at 95 in Selma, North Carolina on April 9, 2022. The rally took place about five weeks before the North Carolina primary election, where Trump threw his support behind the candidates in some key Republican races.

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Senator Thom Tillis openly supported state Senator Chuck Edwards in the primary election, and an affiliated super PAC spent more than $1.5 million opposing Cawthorn. Tillis said in March that he had watched Congressmen use drugs and that he himself invited to an “orgy”Comments by House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, which he says have no “evidence” to support.

Tillis endorsed Edwards, saying, “Unfortunately, Madison Cawthorn fell far short of the most basic standards that Western North Carolina expected of its representatives, and voters now have several qualified candidates to choose from, which will be a significant improvement.” Said.

When Cawthorn was brought to meet with Trump and other Republican agents at Mar-a-Lago, he had actually backed one of his rivals, Michele Woodhouse, in an earlier version of North Carolina’s congressional map. But after this map was thrown out by the courts, Cawthorn decided to return to his current territory. Woodhouse, a former GOP president for the region, said he was asked to quit the race, but refused to quit.

Former President Donald Trump endorsed Cawthorn in March and reaffirmed his support on the “TRUTH Social” media platform on Sunday.

“Madison did a great job when she was first elected to Congress. She’s made some stupid mistakes lately, I don’t think she’ll ever make it again… let’s give Madison a second chance!” Wrote at REAL social.

Cawthorn had originally backed one of his rivals, Michele Woodhouse, but they didn’t seem like they were going to be competing against each other on an earlier version of North Carolina’s congressional map, and he and Mara-Lago with Trump and other Republican agents. But after this map was thrown out by the courts, Cawthorn decided to return to his current territory. Woodhouse, a former GOP president for District 11, said he was asked to quit the race, but refused to quit.

He said he saw himself as a Trump-like alternative to Cawthorn and portrayed Edwards as an established, moderate candidate.

“Cawthorn cannot be elected 100%. If he comes out of the primary, we will lose the seat to a liberal in November,” he told CBS News. “The Conservatives won’t vote. They’ll either skip the race entirely or skip the vote altogether. We’re sitting in a precarious spot.”

Former Congressman Heath Shuler, who served from 2007 to 2013, was the last Democrat to represent the district.

If no candidate receives at least 30% of the votes, a runoff will be held between the two candidates with the most votes. If more than one candidate gets over 30%, the candidate with the most votes wins the first place for sure. There are a total of seven Republican candidates challenging Cawthorn.

An independent poll for the race by Republican GOPAC group Cawthorn followed with 38%, Edwards with 21%, Woodhouse with 5% and 20% undecided.

In North Carolina’s 13th District, outside of Raleigh, Trump endorsed Bo Hines, a 26-year-old former college football member. The Club for Growth, an anti-tax PAC active in the GOP primaries, supported Hines over seven other Republican primary candidates.

Another House primary to watch in North Carolina is the Democratic primary in North Carolina’s 4th District. Former American Idol singer Clay Aiken jogs through a crowded field to replace retired Democrat Congressman David Price. State Senator Valerie Foushee is backed by the pro-Israel group AIPAC and the cryptocurrency billionaire. News and Observer. Another candidate, Durham County Commissioner Nida Allam, will become the first Muslim woman to hold public office in North Carolina if she wins. It is backed by prominent progressive Senator Elizabeth Warren from Massachusetts.


The Democratic primary, which will replace retired Congressman Mike Doyle in Pennsylvania’s 12th district, is another test for the progressive movement. He was backed by State Representative Summer Lee, Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont, and progressive Justice Democrats. It faces four other candidates: attorney Steve Irwin, professor Jerry Dickinson, businessman Will Parker, and nonprofit executive Jeff Woodward.

Doyle supported Irwin in a call to reporters Thursday morning and criticized Lee and his support. “You don’t get Bernie Sanders or the Squad to do anything. If you point to anything they’ve done that has resulted in the law, I’d love to know what it was. It didn’t happen,” he said. . Irwin and Lee are pioneers in fundraising.

Two candidates in Pennsylvania’s 17th Democratic primary are seeking to replace Democratic Congressman Conor Lamb in his Pittsburgh-area perpetual seat: veteran Chris Deluzio and Democratic National Committee member Sean Meloy. The winner will have to navigate an environment that supports Republicans and win a seat in 2020 with only 6 points voting for President Biden.

Three Republicans are running in the district’s primary: former local councilor Kathleen Coder, national security expert Jason Killmeyer, and former county commissioner Jeremy Shaffer.

There are also Republican primaries held this year by the Democratic Representatives for two other competitive House seats held by Susan Wild in the 7th District and Matt Cartwright in the 8th District. Possible GOP rivals, Lisa Scheller in the 7th District and Jim Bognet in the 8th District, both received endorsements from Trump and McCarthy. But both have another Republican opponent they must defeat first.

Both of these regions were rated “leap” by the Cook Political Report.


In Oregon’s 5th District, Democratic progressive Jamie McLeod Skinner was backed by Warren in his fight against incumbent Democrat Kurt Schrader, who was backed by President Biden. The redistribution resulted in the addition of new constituencies to the region; this was a potential advantage for a newcomer like McLeod Skinner.

In Oregon’s 6th District, state representative Andrea Salinas and tech researcher Carrick Flynn are locked in one of the most expensive and contentious Democratic primaries in the country. Salinas has the support of the BOLD PAC, the campaign arm of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Group, while Flynn is backed by the House Majority PAC, a group aligned with California Speaker of the House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi.

Flynn also has financial backing from cryptocurrency billionaire Sam Bankman-Fried and his super PAC “Protect Our Future”. They spent over $10 million on the race, according to a campaign fundraiser. report.

Senator Jeff Merkley, a disapproving Democrat in the primary, called the House Majority PAC’s turnout.completely wrong

In addition to Flynn and Salinas, there are five other Democratic candidates running in the primary, including Loretta Smith, a former aide to Senator Ron Wyden of Oregon. Smith was backed by the Congressional Black Caucus on Thursday.

This is the first primary event in the history of the region, it was added after Oregon showed a significant population. Growth in the 2020 census.