Poonam Pandey started bathing with Shivam Dubey in front of everyone

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Poonam Pandey started bathing with Shivam Dubey in front of everyoneThe new episode of Lock Up had some exciting moments for the viewers as Shivam Sharma and Poonam Pandey decided to openly take a shower in the yard area. Shivam thought that he should take a bath in the courtyard. He took a bucket full of water and sat down to bathe in his trousers. However, Sayyeshaa Shinde and Poonam Pandey started shouting that it was wrong to wear their pants.

He shared with Payal Rohatgi that it is an old show and he is repeating himself. After this Shivam took off his trousers and started bathing in his underwear.

Sayesha and Poonam pulled a bench and sat on it to enjoy the show. Later Poonam Pandey also decided to take a bath in the yard area. She shares her plan with Saisha and Payal Rohatgi and says she is there for the audience.

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Sayyeshaa and Prince go inside the jail area and inform Munavwar and others that Poonam Pandey is planning to take a bath in the yard area. The prince says, “That’s why I’m not going out.” Munawwar says,

“I am not going even because I am fasting for Ramadan.” Sayesha teases him and they start laughing. Later Prince Narula, Munavvar, Anjali and Sayyeshaa are seen talking about Poonam and her antics. Munavvar says, “The chances of her going have increased, Poonam because the makers got what they wanted, now Poonam you can go, because we got what we wanted.”

Prince continues, “Look, those who want to see Poonam, they will continue to vote for her till the end. They will always vote for her because they want to see what she will do next. “If she promises to take off the T-shirt in the Thursday-Friday episode, if the viewers save her or vote for her the most, they will win the show,” Munawar joked.

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Prince starts laughing and Munawwar says that the makers will make him the winner before the finale trophy. They will hand him the trophy a week before the finale and tell him not to waste everyone’s time. Prince further says that he will accept in front of the makers that they will not be able to do anything after Poonam’s move.

When Poonam was taking a bath, except Payal Rohatgi, everyone else was sitting inside the lock-up area. The makers of the show did not air the footage of Poonam taking a bath inside the lock up.

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