Police say Buffalo shooter plans to shoot ‘more Black people’

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Payton Gendron, the suspect who shot Buffalo, would continue to shoot “more Blacks” after the attack on a supermarket, police reported.

Buffalo police commissioner Joseph Gramaglia told ABC News on Monday that 18-year-old Mr Gendron may continue shooting in the area where 10 people were shot dead on Saturday around the Tops supermarket.

Three more people were injured in the attack, and 11 of his victims were Black, according to police. Authorities described the shooting as a racially motivated hate crime.

“If he runs away, [Tops] He was planning to continue the attack in the supermarket,” said Mr. Gramaglia. “He was planning to keep going down Jefferson Ave to shoot more Blacks…probably to go to another store. [or] Location.”

Mr Gendron, who was detained on Saturday wearing military garb, allegedly shot four people in the parking lot before continuing inside the store.

Authorities said the deceased were all Black and believed to have traveled 200 miles (320 km) to the store from Mr Gendron’s home outside of Binghamton. The area is a predominantly Black neighborhood.

Police told CNN that he expressed his hatred for Black people after he was taken into custody, and that the evidence examined as part of the shooting investigation showed that Mr Gendron had “studied” previous shootings and assaults.

A 180-page manifesto, reportedly written and shared online by Mr Gendron, also summarized the “Great Theory of Change” shared by racist conspiracy theorists. The video, meanwhile, showed his weapon number “14”, a familiar white supremacist symbol.

He was found not guilty of first degree murder charges. If found guilty, he could face a life sentence.

The investigation continues.