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Phillip Lindsay Parents & Ethnicity:– Phillip Lindsay is an American footballer who is a running back with the Miami Dolphins of the National Football League.

He began playing football at the age of high school when he was the school’s top rusher, accumulating 4,873 yards.

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Phillip Lindsay Parents (Father and Mother) and Siblings

Philip Lindsay’s mother’s name is Diane Lindsay and his father’s name is Troy Lindsay. The name of his mother is well-known and his father was an athlete. Philips love playing with him. He wants to emulate his father as and a running back.

There are four of his siblings. There are two brothers as well as two sisters. They include Sparkle Lindsay Marcus Lindsay, Zachary Lindsay, Cheri Lindsay.

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Phillip Lindsay Nationality, Ethnicity

Phillip Lindsay’s race is White. Phillip Lindsay holds American Nationality.

Phillip Lindsay Wiki, Biography, Age

Phillip was born on the 24th of July 1994. He was born within Denver Colorado. He was raised living in Aurora, Colorado. The full title is Phillip Lindsay.

He graduated from high schooling at South High School, Denver. At the age of 16 He began to play football. He became the school’s top rusher, with 4587 yards. He was accepted into in the University of Colorado Boulder where he played in the college football league.

Phillip Lindsay Girlfriend

Phillip Lindsay is in a relationship. He is currently in an affair to Morgan Staton and she is planning to be her wife.

Phillip Lindsay Wiki Age

Phillip is 27 as of 2021. He is a zodiac signsaur Leo. His faith is Christianity. His home is in Denver.

Phillip Lindsay Height and Weight

Phillip Lindsay’s height stands at 5’8 inches tall and his weight is at 86 Kg.

Phillip Lindsay Career

Phillip began to play football in his High School at South High School. He chose to wear the number of his father’s jersey 22. He played and chased with the Denver High School District. There He recorded rushing yards of 4400.

Lindsay has decided to play at her school, the University of Colorado Boulder, after having a great first three years in high school. In the fall of 2013, Phillips joined the Colorado team at the University of Colorado Boulder. At the time the team was known as the “Tasmanian Devil” due to his speed and determination. He was part of his team, the Colorado Buffaloes Football team from 2013 until 2017.

He started his professional career by playing for Denver Broncos from 2018 to 2020. Then, he chose to join Houston Texas in 2021. In the same year He decided to play for Miami Dolphins.

Phillip Lindsay Net Worth

Phillip Lindsay’s wealth stands at $ 1.73 million. His annual salary is $575,000.

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FAQ about Phillip Lindsay

Q.1 Who’s Phillip Lindsay?

Ans. Phillip Lindsay is an American football player who plays running back.

Q.2 What are the parents of Phillip Lindsay?

Ans. Phillip Lindsay’s mother’s maiden name is Diane Lindsay and his father’s name is Troy Lindsay.

Q.3 What is Phillip Lindsay’s girlfriend?

Ans. Phillip Lindsay is dating Morgan Staton

Q.4 How is Phillip Lindsay’s Nationality?

Ans. Phillip Lindsay’s citizenship is American.