Pete Davidson officially confirms his departure from SNL in an emotional post

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Pete Davidson’s latest episode of “Saturday Night Live” aired, and he used a friend’s Instagram account to send a heartfelt message to his fans and share a behind-the-scenes video from his first night on the show.

On May 21, hours before its final episode, Davidson delivered the message via “Saturday Night Live” writer Dave Sirus’ Instagram. A video of her passionate reaction to finishing her first skit and celebrating backstage with comedian Jerrod Carmichael is included in the text.

His departure coincides with the departure of fellow SNL stars Kate McKinnon, Aidy Bryant, and Kyle Mooney, marking the end of an era and the conclusion of a season with the largest cast in the show’s history.

What’s in the farewell video?

In his farewell post, Davidson uploaded a video from eight years ago right after recording his first Weekend Update and skit for Saturday Night Live. said:

“I was 20 when I got the show and had no idea what I was doing. I still don’t know, but I wasn’t particularly a sketch artist back then. I was just a stand-up.”

She admitted she was “too scared” to contribute to the award-winning classic because she thought she “could never be alone with Kenan Thompson or a Kate McKinnon.”

Davidson went on to say that he decided to do “stand-up and solo parts” on the show and remains one of the show’s most popular stars:

“I shared a lot with this audience and literally grew up before your eyes. We were together in good and bad, happiest and darkest times.”

Pete Davidson has stated that his creator, Lorne Michaels, and every member of SNL are responsible for his existence. He continued to call the show his “home.”

The show said goodbye to Kate McKinnon and Pete Davidson in subtle yet touching ways

In Saturday’s frosty opening, McKinnon reprized her role as Miss Rafferty, an alien abductee who is having a harder time than her peers.

After McKinnon’s Miss Rafferty explains what happened to her during her extraterrestrial abduction (in vivid and suggestive detail, no less), two government officials, Aidy Bryant and Mikey Day, explain that she must now go with the aliens who abducted her.

This led to a poignant scene where McKinnon stands in his homemade spaceship and bids farewell to both his character and himself.

McKinnon’s character said to the audience with his hand over his heart, “Well, World, I love you, thanks for letting me stay for a while.”

On “SNL’s” Weekend Update, Davidson got one final segment.

“I never thought this would be my life,” Davidson said. “I was just a skinny kid back then and no one knew what ethnicity I was. And now everyone knows I’m White because I had tremendous success while I was barely starting out. Now look at me, I’m getting old like a banana.”

“SNL” creator Lorne Michaels told Davidson during her first audition that she thought Davidson was unsuitable for the show, but “let’s screw this up together,” Davidson said.

Pete Davidson even remembers telling Michaels about his engagement to Ariana Grande two weeks after they met on the show, after dating for two weeks.

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Pete Davidson officially confirms his departure from SNL in an Pete Davidson officially confirms his departure from SNL in an emotional post

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