Pastor Artur Pawlowski denies bail over Coutts border blockade charges


Artur Pawlowski has been charged with inciting violence in connection with a vaccine order and has been in prison since February 7. Church pastor Artur Pawlowski was arrested on February 3 on charges of inciting violence and disrupting the operation of essential infrastructure. Artur was dragged out and arrested after giving a speech in a blockade near the Coutts-Alberta border junction. Under Alberta’s Critical Infrastructure Defense Act, Pawlowski was charged with vandalism and obstruction of the functioning of essential infrastructure for more than $5,000. His bail hearing was held on Wednesday, and the court ruled that bail would not be granted because he would “disobey the court’s order.”

Why was Artur Pawlowski arrested?

Pawlowski, a 48-year-old priest, is charged with violating a peace-keeping release order and causing chaos by inciting others to prevent authorized use of public spaces. During a 20-minute speech to drivers, the priest encouraged drivers to “keep the line” against government intrusions and not committing violence. They apparently agreed to pull out the barricades on the US border and move to Edmonton until Pawlowski’s speech changed their stance.

The court arrested Artur Pawlowski on charges of inciting violence, but it was heard that Artur specifically asked protesters not to resort to violence. In his speech, “May God help us all because we do not fight with guns and swords. We don’t fight tasers or police cars. We don’t. We just want to go back, work hard, achieve something and support our family. We just want to be alone.”

Then he continued his speech. You have the most powerful wings. Who can move 1,000 trucks? Who can move 10,000 truck drivers with 100,000 supporters?” His son said he had been ill-treated in prison but had not lost hope.


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