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Childhood & Early Life

Park Hyung-sik was born Yongin, South Korea on 16th November 1992. He was the second son of a highly religious family. The Buddhist mother was far too traditional in following Buddhist rituals and, in some of the rituals. Park was given the name by an Buddhist monk.

Park was born into an upper middle-class family. His father held a high job within BMW Korea, who also was a keen fan of the Korean combat art Gumdo. Hyun-sik as well as his brother were exposed to the art from their earliest days. When he was in sixth grade, Park started practising Gumdo and was later awarded a certificate in the art of fighting.

However, Park was also a person with other passions He was a lover of singing and music. Ever since he was a teenager He was always on the look for fellow boys to join in and learn songs with. In school of Shinghal, Park was quite well-known because he was the principal musician in the school band when he was an elementary school student and the band he was in was featured in numerous concerts across the nation.

However, there was no reaction from his family about the possibility of a music career and he was urged to follow in his father’s footsteps to pursue an income in the business world and , as a result, he accepted into Digital Seoul Culture Arts University in the business department, where he was studying administration. However, he did not give up on his music ambitions and continued to practice his instrument and voice.

He also said in an interview afterwards that he was victimized as a teen for a long period of time, and it was the love and support from his family and close acquaintances that helped him get out of the rut.


Park Hyung-sik began performing in the beginning of 2009, and his attractive looks and charming appearance earned him a role in the role of the lead male the music video featuring Jewellery S’s clip titled “Date”. In the same year, Park began modeling and appearing in commercials for a number of uniform brands. In the meantime, the group ZE:A was created and the group made their debut appearance on the reality show “Debut Diary,” which was a reality show in which Park was a part of the group. of his group.

The group came out with their debut album the year 2010 entitled ‘Nativity’. The single from the album entitled “Mazeltov” was especially cherished by the audience. The album was released on January 7, it was ranked as the top album in a number of Korean charts. The group also began a series of guerrilla performances across the country, generating buzz about them with success.

Following the release of their second album, which was a huge success entitled ‘Leap For Detonation The band set off in their first Asian Tour in the month of July of 2010. The following year, in December the band released with their second album in Japanese that was geared towards their Japanese fans. The album was titled “Love Letter/My Only Wish’, the album was released on the second spot at the Oricon music chart.

The band’s activities decreased as members occupied working on other projects and Park after having had some small roles on television shows in the year 2010 was eager to making his first major appearance on a TV show that was 2012’s SBS drama “I Remember You”. The following year, he was cast in the role of a struggling musician from an indie band in the show ‘Dummy Mommy’. These two roles in his debut gave him a reputation among Korean youth and he quickly became an instant fan favorite.

Park gained further recognition due to his role in the film ‘Sirius’. A drama in which Park playing twins who are younger with different personalities. His performance was met with large amount of praise.

In March of 2013, Park along with four members of his band formed a support group for their group ZE:A Five. The year turned out be quite an eventful one for Park due to his appearance in the drama ‘Nine:9′ Time Travels’ brought Park to national attention and the director of the show was extremely awed by Park for his performance, stating that he was among the most talented young talent in the United States.

In 2013, the most profitable year for the actor’s career to date, he earned additional praise for his part in the drama about the military “Real Men”, in which his character was an innocent, cute-looking soldier which earned him the name Baby Soldier. He also received an MBC Entertainment award for his character. His 2013 debut included ‘The Heirs’ another drama show in which his performance received both praise from critics and the public.

For the show “What’s happening to this Family”, Park bagged 3 KBS awards for his performance and was beginning to get established as an actor who could be considered a top banker.

In the middle of 2015, Park appeared in another drama called High Society, where he played the main character, the store manager who finds affection with one of part-time employees employed within the department. The show also aired throughout Japan and Park was made an international star in Japan’s neighboring countries too. On this year’s 23rd SBS Drama Awards, Park went home with two awards for his performance in the series ‘High Society’ due to his unforgettable performance.

The Three Musketeers musical was also earning popularity in the areas where it was being presented, and Park was in the peak stage of his career by the time of.

In the early part of 2016 Park began to appear in a massive period drama that cost a lot of money called “Hwarang: The Poet Warrior Youth’, in which he played the part of a young, distrustful the king Sammaekjong.

One of his most profitable performances of his professional career Park was a chief executive on his romantic-comedy drama “Strong Women Do Bong Soon’. After the show’s huge critically and commercial success Park began to be praised for being the queen of romantic comedy.

In the middle of 2017 Park signed an agreement in mid-2017 with United Artists Agency, which represents the most prominent Korean musicians. Park’s group continues to play songs for the television series the members of the band appear in.

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