Pandya Shop: Will Dhara question Kamini?

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Star Plus’ hit show Pandya Store is gearing up for more drama as Pandyas attends the Seths party for Rishita and her baby.

In the current story Suman is seen telling Dhara that Rishita is hesitant to leave this house this time. He asked Dhara to persuade Rishita to return home when he was going to the Seth’s veneration ceremony. He asks Dhara to make the same promise. Dhara reassures Suman that Rishita and Dev will return home. Dhara decides to gift Rishita a necklace, which is the last memory of her mother, and tells this to the family. Suman says it is ominous for Rishita and Dev to leave the house after Raavi enters that house. Raavi hears this and gets hurt. Shiva also hears this and realizes that Raavi heard it. Later, Raavi asks Shiva if he is also responsible for all the family’s problems. Shiva calms down and says that Suman can be harsh sometimes but his heart is pure. Pandyas arrives at Seths. Janardan talks to Dev about a job and lets Gautam hear a specific part of their conversation. During Puja Kamini, cardamom stirs Rishita’s keer. Dhara sees this and questions Kamini.

In the next chapter, it will be shown in the veneration that Rishita will feel restless after eating the holy offering. Pandyas will worry about Rishita. Second, he will ask Dhara to tell the truth. He will say that Dhara deliberately added cardamom to the offering, despite knowing how Dhara’s body reacted to cardamom. Rishita will say that Dhara is jealous of her baby. Dhara will be shocked. Dhara will tell Rishita to question Kamini sitting next to the offering. Rishita shouts at Dhara which shocks her. Rishita will tell Dhara to stop making excuses.

What will happen next? Will Dhara be able to solve Rishita’s misunderstanding?

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