Pandya Shop: Is Janardan planning to ruin Pandya’s dream?

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Star Plus’ hit show Pandya Store is gearing up for more drama as Pandyas faces new trouble.

In the current story, Dev appears to have returned home. Rishita is very happy to see him. She happily hugs him. Dev asks about his family and learns that Gautam is sick. Meanwhile, Pandyas argues with the contractor and completes a design to replace his store. Janardan finds out about this and plans to destroy Pandyas’ dream. He tells Kamini to start Pandyas without permission from the municipality and Dev hear this and talk to Shiva. But he is confident that Shiva will listen to Dev and face the consequences. Dev meets Gautam and Dhara. They share a family moment. Then Dev meets Shiva and tells him to get the municipality’s permission to build the new shop. Shiva tells that Dev is jealous and is trying to scare him. He tells Dev to mind his business and go. Then the officials come to demolish the shop.

The next episode will show Kamini telling Janardan that there must be a big uproar during the puja, the Pandyas should arrive happily, but come back shattered and it becomes impossible to join them. In Puja, Rishita will feel restless after eating food. Pandyas will worry about Rishita. Second, he will ask Dhara to tell the truth. He will say that although Dhara knows how her body reacts to cardamom, she deliberately added cardamom to the food. Rishita says Dhara is jealous of her baby. Dhara looks shocked.

What will happen next? Can Dhara cleanse?

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