Pandya Shop: Gautam and Dhara planning a surprise for Shiva and Raavi?

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Star Plus’ hit show Pandya Store is gearing up for more drama as Rishita confronts Kamini after learning the truth.

In the current story Rishita appears to accuse Shiva of cheating and ask Dhara what to say about Shiva’s fraud. Dhara silences him and says it is not necessary to create a scene every time they celebrate something. Rishita says the truth is that Shiva was deceived to win. Just then, the judge comes in and says it’s only half true. She talks about a woman who visited him pretending to be a journalist. She gives footage of the interview. Krish is playing. In the video, the report asks the judge if Shiva was fixing to win. The judge rejects this and says that Shiva won by his effort which shocked Rishita. The judge says Kamini is the woman who interviewed him. Learning the truth, Rishita scolds Kamini. Rishita apologizes to Shiva. Suman scolds Rishita and tells her to come out. Raavi also scolds Rishita but Dhara stops him. Later, Rishita confronts Kamini about plotting against Shiva. Raavi apologizes to Dhara for scolding Rishita and sends Rishita an apology message. Dhara and Gautam plan a surprise for Shiva and Raavi. They decorate their rooms. Shiva and Raavi feel strange seeing this and refuse to go to the room.

In the next episode, it will be shown that several officers will come to the Pandya store and tell Shiva that the shop is operating without legal permission. They will order to demolish it. Rishita will be shocked. Dev will come to Shiva’s support. He will tell the staff what they did wrong. The officer will threaten to demolish Dev’s shop as well. Pandyas will gather to stop the officers.

What will happen next? Will this bring the Pandyas together?

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