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Paislee Shultis parents four-year-old little girl Paislee Shultis was missing in July of 2019 from her Tompkins County home and has been discovered healthy and well at the New York police on Tuesday.

The girl was missing for the first time in Cayuga Heights, New York three years ago. As per Saugerties Police Department said in an announcement that she was rescued by her parents, who are not custodial. Kimberly Cooper and Kirk Shultis Jr.

Saugerties Police obtained a search warrant for a house on Monday. They were informed there was a kid detained “within the confines of a secret area” at the home. The child was never seen since her disappearance in the beginning of 2019.

BREAKING! We’re so happy we can report that Paislee Shultis who has been missing since the year 2019, a minor girl missing since early 2019 she was found safe in a hidden room beneath an escalator situated in Saugerties, New York. via @nypmetro

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This is where you can find out the details about Paislee Shultis parents. What are Paislee Shultis parents? In the process of being missing, meet her mother and Father.

Missing She’s Mother, Meet Her & Father

Paislee Shultis‘s parents are Kimberly Cooper (father) & Kirk Shultis Jr. (mother). Parents who lost custody of their child led them to abduct the child and keep her in a secluded space. The names of her legal parents are not public.

Her parents who were not custodial kept her in a temporary room that was hidden beneath a staircase that led to the basement.

New York police finding the girl in good health and safe. But, she was held for a brutal time in a hidden place inside the basement.

The two took their daughter.Then they kept the girl in a hidden compartment underneath the stairs.

Police officers responded to the information that indicated her whereabouts.
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Paislee Shultis Wiki, Biography

Paislee is popularly identified as Paislee Shultis. She was born to parents Kimberly Cooper (father) & Kirk Shultis Jr. (mother). She is a 4 year old girl child that went missing in the year 2019 and was discovered in good state of health and safety on Tuesday, by the New York police. She is of American citizenship.

Paislee Shultis Nationality

Paislee Shultis has American Nationality.

Paislee Shultis Net Worth

Paislee Shultis is well-known as a girl of 4 years old who was missing in July 2019, and was discovered two years later by New York police on Tuesday. Her net worth hasn’t been disclosed yet on the internet.

Paislee Shultis Social Media

#Breaking #MissingChild #Found#PaisleeShultis discovered in tiny room under #staircase in #NewYork home. Police received a tip on the child that disappeared at the age of 4. They claimed she was abducted by her parents who were not custodial and are currently in custody.

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It’s not clear why they were denied custody, but they did get her back and , for the past three years, they have been absconding from the law enforcement agencies.
She was found in a wet, dark space beneath the stairs. [
Missing girl #PaisleeShultis found ALIVE via @MailOnline

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Police: 4-Year-Old Paislee Shultis, Missing Since 2019, Found Alive In Ulster County

SAUGERTIES, N.Y. (CBSNewYork) — A girl from upstate New York who was absent for over two years is now still alive Ulster County.

Paislee Shultis who was then aged 4 disappeared in the month of July 2019, but the police found her missing on Monday evening in a room hidden under the stairs located in Saugerties according to CNN’s Nick Caloway covered the story.

The girl was believed to be healthy health. The girl was discovered more than 150 miles from where she was born.

Police had been in the spot prior to searching for the woman, but after the search lasted two years, she was discovered in a cramped, cold underground space beneath the stairs.

Paislee was first believed to be missing by The Tompkins County village of Cayuga Heights, close to Ithaca.

Police have suspected for a long time that her parents Kimberly Cooper and Kirk Shultis who are suspected of abducting the girl, however earlier searches of their home located on Fawn Road in Saugerties came to nothing.

Then , a tip was reported to the police this week, indicating that the girl was kept in the house.

The police were issued a warrant, and during the search , an officer noticed something peculiar about the staircase that lead to the basement which led him to take a closer inspection.

“He used a flashlight to examined the cracks in the steps. It was there that he believed it was a blanket at this point, they used a halogen instrument that was a forcible entry tool and began ripping the steps from the staircase and then the entire staircase. They saw small feet, as he described it.” Saugerties Police Chief Joseph Sinagra told reporters.

It was the little Paislee aged 6 who was hiding in the hole together with her suspected abductor and biological mother.

Neighborhoods were shocked at the fact that the missing girl was at home throughout the time.

“I’m just shocked, as they appeared like normal individuals,” Annette Wrolsen said.

Parents do not have custody of the child. They were accused of custodial interference and threatening the safety of the child. The paternal grandfather of the girl was also charged, the police declared.

Caloway tried to speak to parents of the home of the family however, a woman in the home was unable to come up with anything interesting to say.

Police say that the child was healthy, in addition to being removed from her family and placed in the Saugerties home for so long.

“Number One, that small girl was not able to attend school. We’re pretty sure that she was probably not receiving the proper medical care,” Sinagra said. “Obviously that the family did not have the means to go to the doctor due to her being missing and reported. Another concern is that you have a child who cannot write or read due to the fact that they weren’t able to attend school. They’ll now.”

After the girl was removed from her home after which she was walking for the police station, when she came across the McDonald’s. She informed the police that she hadn’t eaten McDonald’s in so long and they retreated and handed her an enjoyable Meal.

Paislee is now given back her guardian, and returned to her older sister.

Her grandfather and father were released. Her mother is currently in jail on warrant.

CBS2’s Nick Caloway contributed to this report.